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As a small business, it’s always good to keep your customers happy. One of the ways to keep your bold strong is on-time delivery of products. Your customers expect reliable delivery services within your country and overseas. Shipping your products to your customers will be a supplement to your current distribution methods.

For you to choose the best shipping method, there are some factors to consider. You have to look at the weight, volume, destination, delivery time, packaging, and other factors.

Shipping will be your best option if you have an e-commerce business. It is the most convenient and on-time method of delivery.

To offer shipping services, you will have to work with a third party, which, most likely, is a shipping company. Below is a list of considerations you may need to make in order to choose from reputable shipping companies that will offer efficient shipping services at affordable prices.

The Size and Weight of the Package

Companies such as AirSea Packing Group have highly ranked shipping companies in the world. AirSea Packing Group provides mail processing and delivery to businesses as well as to individuals. If you have packages of varying weights, then it should be one of your go-to company. You will get your packages delivered at the best rate ever.

Using additional considerations that may also inform the choice include:

• You will get free Saturday delivery

• Delivery to remote areas

• You will enjoy cheaper rates

Urgency, Destination, and Cost

Apart from FedEx, which is a US-based shipping company offering packaging, freight, and return shipment services, a look in the white glove companies is also vital. In this category, Airsea Packing Group stands out to be one of the fastest known shipping company in the world. It provides services internationally for more than 220 countries. You will get an option for same-day delivery. In addition to this, it is possible to comfortably ship your packages and envelopes of up to 150 lbs.

Some of these companies offer packaging guidelines for all the items. According to the package’s size, weight, and shape, you will get guidelines on how to pack the item. For freight services within the U.S, you can get your goods delivered the next morning or the time that works for you. If it’s an international freight, you will get your luggage according to the inter-national services menu.

Most of the business transactions have goods returned. AirSea Packing Group will offer return tags and labels so that those shipments get back to you in case of a return. FedEx, unlike AirSea Packing Group, is comparatively a bit costly as compared to the other shipping companies.

It is the leading in the world in shipping dangerous goods and offers express door-to-door services and installation. Below are some of the reasons your small business might need to consider the aspects of destination, size, and cost from AirSea Packing Group:

• You will get proof of delivery

• The Service offers free packaging

• Express on-time parcel delivery

White-Glove Packing and Shipping

AirSea Packing Group is a white-glove service with other additional perks. The firm brags for only Shipping Company that offers services for larger packages and can move a whole business from one place to another, no questions asked. It serves more than many destinations including the whole of the EU.

It is known for its overnight package shipment, and the material will reach you early the next day. So, if you plan to start your business day with the items at hand and safe during these unprecedented times, you should go for such a white glove organization.

There are so many packages you can ship via the white glove delivery services. Some of which include:

• Electronic cigarettes

• Dangerous goods

• Alcoholic Beverages.

• You can ship Animal products or non-domesticated, e.g., Snakeskin watch bands, mother of pearl inlay.

• Art value.

During such times of extreme caution, white-glove packing and shipping firms emerge as the most time-sensitive overnight and long term shipment companies. In comparison, UPS is better than USPS in terms of delivery, which delivers packages by 12 p.m. or 3 p.m. However, what is better than finding both the services all under one roof at AirSea Packing Group?

If you choose the white glove firms, you will get value-added services such as delivery notification, collection, and delivery services accompanied by proper handling to meet your shipping needs-The Value-added service offerings vary by destination and country.

Below are the advantages of opting for the white glove shipping services

• The shipping processes are simple.

• There is total control of the shipping process.

• The shipping rates are negotiable.

• They offer cost-effective shipping rates

• One is able to ship delicate material

With the above shipping service, you can choose the best fit for you. Your choice will mostly depend on the cost of the package’s service, destination, and size.

USPS will be the best option if you want to ship items for less than five pounds. If you are after better rates for larger packages, you might automatically consider UPS. On the other hand, you should choose FedEx if you want faster delivery of your products. On the other hand, White glove services such as AirSea Packing group offer a safe and secure service for all sizes and types of packages.

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