Whether you plan to sell your home or you want to change its current look, an exterior home upgrade is essential. Upgrading your home exterior improves curb appeal and increases its value. The upgrade can be a daunting task, especially when you do not know where to start.

However, with a little creativity and some essential tips, it can be enjoyable and easy. You also don’t need to break your bank account to change the look of your home exterior. Here are the best tips to help you give your home a warm, beautiful, and comfortable look and feel.

Improve the Look of Your Garage Doors

A garage in your home is one of the essential components of your property. If you have one already, you need to improve its look by painting it with a color that complements your home’s exterior finishing to give the home an architectural balance.

Also, change the design of the garage doors if they are plain. You can integrate a design by using paneled doors, carriage style, or shaker finishes.

Install Planters

The front of your house is the central part of your property that attracts your visitors. So, it needs to appear eye-catchy and inviting. In this case, you can install two or three permanent planters in front of your home. Planters create a garden feel.

The good thing about planters is that you can decorate your home exterior using different colors and accents. As you go about installing planters, don’t forget about the possibility of upgrading your seamless gutter systems to help you prevent standing water on your property.

Modern Lighting

Light plays a crucial role in lighting up your home exterior. It creates an ambiance mainly when you use different lighting options. Even though the light is only visible at night, it can change your property’s general look.

Install LED soffit lights to complement the architectural finishing of your home. If you have accent trees on your compound, install ground lights and porch lights for beautiful radiance. Also, light up your house number sign to create a welcoming mood for your visitors and make it easier to identify your home.

Add a Touch of Black

Most people assume that painting the home exterior with light colors makes it appealing. The truth is that black is regarded as a heavier color that makes the property look elegant and dramatic.

In this case, use a dark color to paint the cement parging the planter at your house entrance. It makes your home feel balanced even if you have other colors because black is neutral and easily complements other colors.

The tips above are some of the great ways to help you upgrade your home and create a curb appeal that will make you proud of your property. A home that makes you comfortable and content is second to none.

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