An example of two different door designs.

Doors are the pathways to homes. The designs should keep out intruders but warmly welcome guests. Decide which door design is most suitable for your home.

Hinged Door

The hinged door is the most common style used for front doors. It is strong, efficient and long lasting. The design provides a higher level of security against intruders than the Dutch door; however, it is not as glamorous as the French door. This type of door is recommended for homeowners who need to be safe and want to be practical.

French Door

The French door is a pair of doors with paneled windows. The construction materials vary widely from polished wood to wrought iron to PVC. This style is commonly seen at the front of very expensive, luxury houses. The doors can be installed next to a porch, in a bedroom leading to a balcony or in a patio house.

French doors make great replacement doors due to their unique looks. They are chosen by homeowners who can afford the extra cost and want new, unique upgrades from their old doors.

Dutch Door

A Dutch door, also known as a half door, has a separate top and bottom half that swing freely. Homeowners address visitors by swinging open the top half; which prevents the visitor from entering but allows some close physical contact. This style is recommended for country homes or cottages that require minimal security.

Sliding Door

Glass sliding doors are common on back porches, making it easier for people to look into the backyard. This door is often covered by a screen door to block out insects. The sliding door can be installed for upstairs or downstairs rooms that require some level of privacy. In addition to glass, any material and design can be used in its manufacture.

Bifold Door

Bifold doors are double doors that open and close in the middle. This design is recommended as entryways to large closets in large bedrooms. It’s installed for any room that needs a lot of privacy, such as a place for meditation or exercise, but needs to be opened quickly and easily.

Upgrading the look of your house and increasing its security starts with your front door. Once you’re inside the home, also consider upgrading the doors that lead to bedrooms, bathrooms and private libraries. Review the different types of door designs that are available for you and your guests to enjoy.

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