Backsplashes can set the tone for the rest of the kitchen. This backsplash is important in protecting your kitchen’s walls and complementing the countertop as well. While backsplashes are certainly not a new innovation, modern trends can keep your kitchen looking fresh. Read on for four popular styles for backsplashes.

Sky-High Backsplashes

If you’re looking to put a new spin on the traditional backsplash trend, consider ceiling-high backsplashes. Extending your backsplash wall tiles to the ceiling is a great way to give your kitchen an entirely new look. Taking your backsplash to new heights will create a stunning focal point and bring the entire space together. This design decision is also a welcome visual break from the appliances and cabinetry in the rest of the kitchen.

Larger Subway Tiles

Subway tiles are no longer just for public transportation. If you’re looking for an artfully modern take on the traditional backsplash, consider the larger subway tile trend. Larger tiles offer a clean and classic look with very little maintenance. These large format tiles are helpful to make smaller kitchens feel larger.

3” x 6” tiles are the typical choice for lovers of subway tile backsplashes. If you’re ready to go bigger consider tiles that are 4” x 8” or 4” x 12”.

Metallic and Mirrored Finishes

Bring more light into your kitchen with mirrored and metallic backsplashes. The reflective finishes of your backsplash tile are a subtle way to add a bit of drama to the room. With natural sunlight filling the space, your glimmering backsplash is sure to make a difference.

While glossiness adds a unique touch to the kitchen, it may be too shiny for some homeowners. If you want a little bit of light with your backsplash, try a metallic style. The texture and look will add a touch of the hardscaping style, giving your kitchen an overall more modern and industrial feel.

Maximalist Patterns

Going all out with patterns is another way to take your backsplash style to the next level. Popular tile patterns include Moroccan fish scale, chevron, and similar graphic designs. Going with bold and colorful prints is another way to make your kitchen backsplash more maximalist.

If you do choose to go with a pattern, avoid making the kitchen look too busy. With very loud patterns, it’s best to choose a minimalist style when decorating the rest of the room.

If it’s time to redesign your kitchen’s backsplash, consider these four trends. With a fresh take on this protective style, your kitchen is guaranteed to look better than ever. Consider playing around with finish, patterns, and textures as you use these tips to make the right renovation decisions.