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Children are a blessing, but sometimes their mischievous actions leave us less than overjoyed. As little ones grow up, their home becomes a natural playground for exploration and curiosity. You can expect to find evidence of various creative endeavors and experiments just about anywhere. Here are some tips that can help to child-proof your home from their curiosity-based adventures.

Doors and Windows

Install childproof locks on windows so the kids can’t open them and tear up the screens. Children sometimes like to put stickers on window glass and patio doors so you may want to set a protective gate around the windows or door areas that the kids could reach. Also, consider switching regular key locks for digital door locks to keep your children from sticking crayons and other items into the keyholes.

Walls and Floors

Putty, crayon marks, and marker colors are often found on the walls and floors of your home when the kids decide to practice their art skills by drawing or painting pictures. You could designate a washable wall in the kitchen or a child’s bedroom as the acceptable art space. Another option is to drape a plastic tablecloth that you can buy at the dollar store over a wall or the floor area for kids to utilize their artistic abilities. Alternatively, a child’s painting easel doesn’t cost much and can be used to train children where to paint and color appropriately.

Sinks and Toilets

It seems like all kids love playing in water. Unfortunately, that can lead to them leaving the bathroom faucet running until the sink overflows to sail toy boats or wash their doll’s hair. Secure the faucets so they can only be used with supervision. 

Kids might also try to flush toys down the toilet to watch their playthings bob around or disappear. Install a toilet lock that will keep the lid secure so kids can’t open it. This will also help keep them from crushing their fingers under the lid or seat of the toilet.

It’s a good idea to keep the names and numbers of your trusted local plumbers somewhere safe and accessible. If you’re kids happen to sneak a soiled diaper or a favorite toy into the toilet bowl and flush it, you want to get the clog fixed as soon as possible.

Kitchen and Garage

Protect your child-accessible food cupboards and garage storage areas from the kids when they are looking for something new to play with. They might be looking for something new to play with or mixable materials to perform simple chemistry experiments. However, there are plenty of dangerous materials and tools in the kitchen and garage. Make sure if they’re looking through storage that they do so with adult supervision and approved products. Guard the storage shelves and cupboards with locks that cannot be forced by little ones.

Take precautions before your children use their innovation in ways that will require extra cleaning or injuries. Also, remind your kids of the playtime rules when giving them new toys to play with.