For any dinner party, it’s always great to have a mix of options. Alcoholic beverages such as wine, beer, and spritzers are definitely must-haves for a great dinner party. However, not everyone drinks. This is where the sparkling ciders in flavors like apple and grape will be appropriate. However, there are plenty of other ways to make a memorable impact at your next dinner party with fun drink ideas. Consider the following.

Add Fruit

Depending on the flavor, you’ll want to pair complementary fruit options with your drink. If you’re providing Italian sweet wines for your guests, consider using a mandolin to finely slice lemons, lime or oranges. Drop a singular strawberry in a champagne flute glass for a sleek look. Depending on the occasion, options like mangoes, guavas and pineapples can work beautiful in a drink as well.

Infuse the Sweeteners

If a mint mojito is the drink for your dinner party, infuse the simple syrup for your mojito in advance. Infuse the simple syrup with fresh herbs like basil, rosemary, and bay leaves. Instead of regular sugar, you can also add different sweeteners like agave nectar or an infused honey.

Provide Low Calorie Options

There’s a reason why drinks like Crystal Lite are so popular. They provide the flavor without the high calories. Create a low calorie drink for those who are trying to be mindful of their caloric intake. By adding a few sprigs of mint or lime slices to a packet of Crystal Lite, your guests can easily feel just as posh as the ones with the fancy wine glasses.

Create Fancy Ice Cubes

Whether you’re keeping the drinks chilled in a large cooler or serving each guest individually, make an impact with the ice cubes. If you’re making regular ice, add herbs or citrus fruits that will complement the drink. Add edible flowers for a pretty aesthetic. If you’re serving Arnold Palmers, prepare ice cubes that are made of iced tea. As they melt, it’ll only make the drink stronger. Purchase various ice cube molds to make the drink look interesting in a clear glass. You can easily find ice cube molds that look like diamonds. If you’re serving whiskey, a singular round ice cube provides a classy touch.

The combinations are endless. As you experiment with different combinations, resist the urge to introduce a bunch of options in one dinner party. Opt for one to three options that can go with whatever theme you’re using for your dinner party. With such creative beverages, don’t be surprised if your guests take note.