Diwali is around the corner, and whether you’re attending a party in person or as a virtual celebration, you will need something to wear! After all, it’s such an exciting way to celebrate with friends and family. From the ceremonies to the gifts, and, of course, the lights themselves, each element adds to the atmosphere. Whether you’re male or female, the Diwali outfit needs to be perfect, and it’s a great occasion to get dressed up.

Having the chance to dress in some beautiful traditional clothing is one of the things that makes Diwali so special. So, what should you be wearing?

About Diwali

Diwali is the most important Indian holiday of the year and is celebrated across the country and by Indians worldwide. Diwali is the festival of lights and takes place over five days of parties and celebrations. This celebration involves tons of delicious food, candle and lamps, fireworks, partying, and gorgeous outfits. During the first day, people give each other gifts, and on the second day, they will decorate clay lamps and use colored sand to make decorations. The third day is when the celebration kicks off with prayer, food, and fun activities, followed by the fourth and fifth days for spending more time with family and friends.

What is the best clothing to wear to a Diwali party?

If you’re going to a Diwali party, you should aim to dress in the traditional attire, but you can, of course, spice it up with some modern accessories. Women’s Asian party wear clothing for Diwali can include a saree, lehenga, or a salwar kameez. For men, a sherwani or kurta are the most appropriate options.

Have fun with colors as Diwali is a time for celebration and bold, bright colors are encouraged. If you’re going to a more formal affair, you might want to opt for golds, whites, or silvers. If the celebration is more laid-back with friends and family, then feel free to go all out with blues, greens, yellows, reds, or purples.

Where materials are concerned, both silk and cotton are excellent options for your outfit. You can go extravagant with your embellishments, beading, and patterns to make an impact.

How can I modernize my Diwali party outfit?

Dressing traditional doesn’t mean that you can add a modern twist to your outfit. Split up your lehenga and mix and match the top and skirt with other pieces. You could wear the traditional patterned skirt with a plain fabric top, or vice versa to give it more of a contemporary feel. You can also use accessories to make your outfit more personal and represent your unique style.

What footwear should I wear?

If you’re going to an extravagant Diwali party, then it’s typical for women to wear strappy heels or pumps that coordinate with the outfit. That said, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear flats, and there are some beautifully embroidered options you can get that will match your look. Men can also get embroidered loafers or wear leather ones that will look great and be comfortable. 

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