The fashion industry can be tough and has come under fire for numerous reasons in the court of public opinion. However, despite the criticism, it is an industry that is still thriving and with new talent moving into the spotlight year after year, they can also bring fresh ideas and attitudes with them. As a young designer, you might be keen to get your brand up and running, ready to share your talent and vision with the world, but there is a lot of competition – so how do you make your brand stand out? Here are some simple, useful tips to help you make sure you’re promoting your fashion brand properly. 

Get a Website

The best way to make sure your brand is visible is by having a professional website to showcase your clothing lines. You can use e-Commerce tools to sell your clothes on there, too. There are plenty of website builders you can use and if you’re on a tight budget this is the best route to take. However, if you have a little bit of extra cash to spend, consider hiring a professional website designer so you can include bespoke features. 


Online bloggers, vloggers, and Instagram stars have all seen success in becoming influencers. This new kind of celebrity phenomenon has helped countless brands all over the world increase their visibility and their profit margins. It can be hard to get in touch with these individuals, and many will expect large payments to promote your brand, but don’t be scared to start small. You might not be able to get a Kardashian to look your way at first, but by building a following through less famous, but still popular, fashion bloggers, etc., you can work you’re way up to the big leagues. 

Pop-up Fashion Shows

Running this kind of event might take a lot of time and effort to organize, but if you want your fashion brand to be taken seriously you need to start putting on fashion shows and visiting the right trade events. Just make sure you get the right permits (if required) to put on a show in certain places and think about setting up a store where people can purchase the clothing afterward. If you’re going to do this, get some mannequins to display the clothing properly. You can buy or rent a variety of these, including child mannequins for children’s clothing from online retailers. 

Connect with Retailers

While you might be selling your clothes directly through your website, make sure you connect with other retailers and set up a sales meeting. You will need to pitch your fashion brand and clothing line to them, but if you can manage to get your clothes into these stores, it will help to promote your brand and increase your popularity. Consider approaching smaller, independent boutiques first as if you have some success with smaller stores, larger retailers will likely be more willing to take a chance on you as a designer. 

Networking and using social media are other useful methods to help you promote your fashion brand, but make sure you’re looking into the points above and doing what you can to shout out about your new lines. 

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