As the warm weather fades away, you need to prepare for the winter season. During winter, there might not be as many pests in the outdoors, however, it does not mean that they won’t invade your indoor space.

When weather conditions are not favorable outside, some pests will look for a place to hide. Some will even invade the attic or basement. To protect your indoor space, you should be on the lookout for the following pests that are more likely to invade your home during the winter.


Termites prefer hot weather. Such pests live in properties, and they can damage your property severely. They usually hide within leaves and woodpiles. To ensure that these pests do not invade your home, you should seal all the small entry points so that they will not invade your attic or basement. If you do see signs of termites, you’ll need to contact pest control services quickly before they do severe damage to your home foundation. 

Norway Rats

Norway rats will invade your home as they seek shelter when the weather conditions are not favorable in the outdoors. They normally make nests in the dark areas. They can fit through small openings. Also, the rats may gnaw through anything. Apart from the damage they can cause, they also carry diseases such as rat-bite fever and jaundice. To protect your home from the Norway rats, you should look for all the potential entry points and seal them off.


Ants can sneak into your home through holes and cracks as they look for food. They can be found in different outdoor items that are usually brought during winter. The ants can easily raid the pantry. They also live in colonies, the same as the termites. If you spot an ant in your home, it means there is more where that one came from. Be on the lookout for different entry points and seal them.


Beetles prefer a warm environment. Since the weather conditions during winter are not favorable, they may seek shelter within your home. They will be on the lookout from different entry points, including vents, windows, and chimneys. Beetles can cause severe damage, and they may be a nuisance.

Stink Bugs

The stink bugs can be likened to beetles and ladybugs. They are always on the lookout for a warm place during winter. They mainly consume vegetative material. In most instances, they may be found on pumpkins, flowers, and cornstalks. Although the pest is not harmful, it produces a scent that is not desirable.


Cockroaches cannot withstand low temperatures. They prefer indoors during winter. In most cases, they will crawl into the basement and other dark areas within your home. The cockroaches usually spread bacteria and other diseases.

Even when the weather cools down, you still need to be aware of pests in your home. Remember the above signs and types of pests to look out for this winter. 

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