5 Career Tips for Budding Young Actors

Image: Envato

Becoming an actor, whether on the screen or stage, is the dream job for many people. As a young and budding actor, a few myths surrounding the craft have probably misled you. No, acting is not just about good looks. You also don’t need to be extroverted to become a successful actor. Most importantly, acting is a skill that you cannot learn overnight. If you are serious about becoming an actor, here are five things you should do:


As with other professional careers, you need to study and train to become a great actor. Acting is a craft that depends on your ability for storytelling. You, therefore, should be able to portray a character and make it believable and entertaining to the audience. Although some people could be natural storytellers, this skill takes most people years to master.

One significant way to train is by going to a reputable Broadway school like the Broadway Collective. Whether you’re in middle school, high school, or even higher, these schools give you the chance to develop your skills. These schools also help you gain confidence, a work ethic, and teach you what to expect as a performing artist. This training will help you navigate the rigorous process of auditions, networking, and landing roles with more self-assurance.

Do your research

Research is essential whether you are going for an audition, preparing for a role, or planning out your career. As an actor, you will always need to learn more about the characters you are portraying. This research could be through reading the novels or comics they are based on. You could also watch the news, read books on acting, psychology, and science. Your research could also involve watching TV movies, series, short films, and so on.

The research will help you to understand your character, allowing you to give the best portrayal of them hence building your craft. This research will also teach you more about the industry, giving you an added advantage.

Create your toolkit

What is an actor without their portfolio? Your toolkit is essential for presenting yourself to agents, casting directors, and potential jobs. Your headshots constitute a significant part of your toolkit. Ensure that your headshot is professional and that it accurately represents you. There is no need to change or alter your image as your uniqueness is what sets you apart.

A showreel or short video showcasing your acting work is also essential. This video, around 3-4 minutes in length, should show you doing a scene on camera or a monologue. The video could be a self-tape made by you or produced work you’ve done, possibly as a web-series or a student film.

It would help if you also created an online acting profile. This profile is similar to a digital CV, where your profile will show your showreel, headshot, credits, and training. Currently, casting directors use these online profiles to hire the cast for their projects. However, many of these platforms require a fee.

Although you could opt for free platforms, this option often leads to unpaid acting jobs and projects produced by amateurs. If you currently have no training or credits, it’s best to hold off on the online profile until you do.

Go for auditions

Be proactive in your growth as an actor and seek opportunities to audition for roles. Although having an agent will make getting auditions easier, you can find calls for auditions in reputable sites.

Auditioning does not just provide a route to work but also gives you an avenue to hone your acting skills continually, gain knowledge, and network with other people in the industry. When starting, look for auditions that are fitting for your experience and age. These options could be school plays, youth theatres, or local productions.

Look for an agent

As a budding actor, an agent will make the search for roles easier. Your acting agent is essentially your manager and deals with all your contacts, helps you get work, and accepts payments on your behalf. Your agent then takes payment for their services as a percentage of your acting wages.

Although acting may appear glamorous, it requires a lot of commitment from you. Following the tips mentioned above will allow you to navigate the industry successfully.