An example of various roofs.

Certain kinds of roofs have strengths that others lack. Only specific kinds of roofs are appropriate for certain homes in certain locations. Choosing the right roofing for your house is a very important decision you shouldn’t take lightly. It requires some research. Below is some information that can point you in the right direction.

Asphalt Shingles

Easily, the most common choice for roofing in many places across America is asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingles are made with either paper of fiberglass that has been saturated with asphalt and covered with rough granules. The greatest benefit of asphalt shingles is that they are relatively inexpensive both to install and replace. They do the job. However, they may not be appropriate in places with constant strong wind gusts. While they can resist moderate strength winds, hurricane force winds are another thing all together.

Metal Roofing

A second choice you may want to consider is installing metal roofing. Metal roofing is installed in panels that can be designed to mimic the appearance of tile, slate or shake. Metal roofing is very strong and will last many decades longer than other choices. It is resistant to both fire and very strong windstorms. It, however, can dent when hit with hail and may be noisier when it rains. It is cheaper than some choices but certainly more expensive that asphalt shingles.

Slate Shingles

Slate shingles are perhaps most appropriate for homes in wetter climates. It is waterproof and won’t breed fungus or mold. It’s also fire-resistant and could survive as long as one hundred years under good conditions. It, however, can break when walked upon. It’s also one of the more expensive roofing choices on the market.

Copper Roofing

Lastly, another possible upscale choice you can install on your home is copper roofing. Copper is highly durable and is more resistant against hail, fire, mildew and other threats than other choices. It can last 50 years or more. It is an eco-friendlier choice since a copper roof does a good job of conserving heat in a home instead of letting it escape. It’s also extremely visually appealing. However, it’s a more expensive roofing option. It can also expand and contract with the seasons and may require some maintenance as a result.

Overall, do plenty of research into different varieties of roofing before you make your decision. They all have different pros and cons and may be more appropriate for certain homeowners than others. However, if you do the proper research, you are much more likely to choose the best roof for you and your family.

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