Your children may have already started nagging you to get a pet, and perhaps up until now, your answer has always been ‘no’. It’s understandable why some parents are reluctant to bring a pet home; after all, they’re an extra expense and there’s a good chance you will be the one who ends up looking after it. However, despite these concerns, there are a lot of benefits to introducing a pet into the family, especially for your kids. Here are a few reasons why it’s worth considering saying ‘yes’ to a pet. 


Teaches Them Responsibility


Pets can provide you with the opportunity to teach your kids more about responsibility, and if you make sure that they are contributing to the care of the animal this could be a very important life lesson for them. Think about creating a weekly list of duties and allocate them to each member of the family so it’s fair. One thing you will be responsible for as a parent though is finding a good vet and buying pet food. Make sure you do your research and try to find a vet like that offers a range of services. 


Pets Help with Mental Health


Another huge perk of having a pet is the positive impact they can have on your mental health. Animals are often used in therapies to help comfort people and soothe feelings of anxiety, so your pet is sure to help your kids cheer up when they’re feeling down. 


Teaches Them Not to Be Afraid of Animals


If you have young children, a pet can help them become more confident around animals. Although they still might grow up to be a bit nervous around dogs or dislike cats, generally those who have grown up with pets tend to be more comfortable around other people. They will also know how to behave properly around animals, which can help to make those situations safer. 


It Will Get Them Out More


This might be more commonplace with dog owners, but other animals can be outside with your kids, too. A dog is the best example for this point though, as taking them out for regular walks is all part of the responsibility you will have as their owner. You can tell your kids to do this by themselves, or if they’re too young for that, take them with you and get them to run around in the garden or a park with their new best friend. 


Encourages Family Bonding


Finally, sharing the responsibilities of caring for your family pet and the love you will all share for it can bring you all closer together. Even if you’re already a close-knit family, pets can encourage stronger bonds to forge which is another great reason to welcome one into your home.

Although they do require love and devotion, a pet can teach your children a lot and bring so much joy into their lives. Next time they ask if they can have a pet, think about it a little more before you say ‘no’.