Hard landscaping, or hardscaping refers to nonliving structural items in the yard. They include walls, pavement, pools, fireplaces and statuary. They anchor the garden or yard and bring their own kind of beauty to complement the beauty of flowers, trees and shrubs. Here are four types of hardscaping to include in your yard:


An Attractive Driveway


Not every driveway needs to be an uninspiring expanse of gray concrete or black asphalt. Like the rest of the landscaping around the house, the driveway can be made to complement the house’s exterior. For example, earth toned pavers can be laid down to rhyme with the cladding and roofing of a house made out of stone and tile. Since designing and laying out such a driveway can be a job of work, it’s a good idea to consult with a professional who offers landscape supplies and hardscaping services.


Pergolas, Arbors, and Trellises


What these structures have in common is that vines and climbing plants can be trained to grow over them. A pergola is a latticed structure that juts out from the house. Pergolas can also be left bare or be fitted with adjustable shades. Trellises are often fixed to an exterior wall to support vines such as clematis, and arbors are free standing structures that not only support plants but serve as entrances to different areas of the property.


A Pavilion


Some properties are big enough for a pavilion, a structure that can be attached to the building or freestanding and has room for entertaining. It can be any architectural style from Victorian to post-modern and be made of materials such as steel, glass, wood or stone. It can be a simple arrangement of pillars holding up a roof, or it can be enclosed. A gazebo can be considered a type of pavilion, though traditionally it’s hexagonal or octagonal and has a roof, sometimes with a cupola.


A Fire Pit


A fire pit is made for family and friends to gather around, roast marshmallows and s’mores and tell ghost stories in the evening. They’re built of metal or real or faux stone and many are DIY projects. They are often found on their deck and encircled by a wall. Comfortable chairs can be arranged around the firepit, or the wall can have built-in seating.


Whether it’s an eye-catching driveway, an arbor smothered with climbing roses, a pleasure house to mix tiki cocktails or a cozy firepit, hardscaping is part of what makes a garden or yard memorable. In many cases, adding a structure isn’t all that expensive and can be done by the homeowner.