Cropped shot of four joyful young friends having fun while going to the festival venue. Warm tones.

The global pandemic may have taught us lessons about isolation, but the virus will never eradicate the human spirit. Most people would probably agree that these have been challenging times like no other and that sacrifice is something we have all become accustomed to. Although each journey is different, every person in the universe is looking ahead to life after COVID-19. There is an almost infinite number of ideas for celebrating and re-connecting. Here are just a few to get you thinking about the fun moments waiting to be had.

Hitting The Social Scene

Little by little, states are trying to reinvigorate our social lives by easing restrictions on businesses and social activity. Hundreds of millions of people are moving around again, and most folks want to regain their lifestyle’s sense of normalcy. The restaurant and bar industries are trying to work closely with public health officials regarding spacing and making it work. People everywhere look forward to those days when dining out and not having to worry about social distancing after the pandemic. For example, imagine dining on a restaurant patio surrounded by everyone else sitting at tables enjoying conversations and a casual meal. Or how about sharing a few cold ones at your favorite neighborhood bar and hitting the dance floor after?

The same goes for working out at the gym with others or taking an exercise class. We take these kinds of normal routines for granted and cannot wait to go back to them at full speed. Humans are social beings. We want to connect and be with others and physically interact, and those days are not far behind. Also, we’re tired of grabbing the scissors and trying to create COVID-19 haircuts (usually, a disaster). We need our social and business contacts.

Taking A Trip

It doesn’t matter how you roll. You could fly the “friendly skies,” take off in your vintage VW bus on the open road, schedule the best Alaskan cruise line for you and your honey as you navigate nature’s beautiful waters, or board a comfy train to enjoy the scenic landscape. Wherever your journey takes you, it will mean that much more after COVID-19. Plan for your next adventure because that’s what many of us are doing at the moment.

Travel will never disappear on this great, big beautiful planet. Stay busy getting all your gear in order so that when you’re reading to take the trip, you’ll be organized, stress-free and rarin’ to go. Travel experts recommend having these items with you no matter where your adventure takes you:

  • wash kit
  • medical kit
  • electronic devices (laptops, phones, kindles, cameras, etc.) with adaptors and plugs
  • travel organizers
  • all-purpose multi-climate clothes
  • sunglasses
  • regular footwear
  • water bottles to avoid plastic
  • the kids’ special bear or comforter (also, a card game or special toy for long waits)
  • documents, passports, travel insurance and cash

Post-Pandemic Romancing

It hasn’t been easy for singles and coupled-up folks in relationship-building during the stresses and uncertainties of COVID-19. Even the nation’s most famous health expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, put it this way for those individuals looking for love: “Put a mask on and, you know, chat a bit.” All kidding aside, psychologists agree that any crisis can cause trouble in long term relationships and for those on the dating scene. As the country eases up on coronavirus restrictions, modern dating online is accelerating with women and men chatting simultaneously with more matches than ever before. Some couples have been virtual-dating by FaceTime, for instance. They drink wine together, eat dinner, grocery shop, etc. For others, however, a Zoom-chat just doesn’t cut it. It’s not the same. When you meet someone in person, their voice will be different, and you can tell from their body language and mannerisms if the date is going well and you’re on the same vibe.

Maybe people will become more selective when dating in a post-pandemic world and taking that first long-awaited kiss. Hey, no one ever said that a global pandemic was a cakewalk, right? We’re all doing the best we can and almost there. This, too, shall pass as the old saying goes, and when it does, we’ll forge ahead and seek those amazing adventures that await us.