Top 5 Cleaning Supplies to Use when You Have Kids

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Cleaning your home, especially when you have the young ones around, can become a challenge. Before you finish this corner, they jump in from the other or even disrupt the entire process. Then come a time when they pick everything and point towards their mouths.

You, therefore, need to be careful with the choice of your cleaning products. In this article, you will learn the top 5 cleaning supplies to use when you have kids.

Before you delve in, it is important to understand your family’s health and allergic issues. Does anyone in your family has compromised immune and need strong disinfectants? Is your baby allergic to strong scent? When you understand some of these issues, you will look for cleaning supplies that will give you the best service.

Additionally, remember always to follow the guidelines. Always keep your cleaning product away from the reach of children. Before mixing any products or ingredients, always read the user manual and the possibility of dangerous reactions. Below are the top 5 cleaning supplies to use when you have kids.

Vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners come in handy, especially when you want to clean your floor, yet the little ones are jumping from place to the other in your living room. Since it doesn’t need the use of water, it doesn’t render your floor slippery for them to slide.

Powerful cleaners like the Miele vacuum will suck all the dust and tiny particles from your floor, leaving it clean yet still safe for everybody in your house, including anyone allergic to the dust particles. Vacuums don’t use any chemical that can cause any irritation hence wonderful tools in cleaning floors.

Baby cleaning supplies

There are wonderful baby cleaning soaps in the market that will give you perfect services without irritating their soft skin. However, before you buy any baby cleaning product, make sure they rank high on the Environmental Working Group listing.

Child-friendly laundry supplies

Not all laundry products are friendly to the skin of your young ones. Some will irritate, and the fragrance can be allergic to them, especially if you have an allergic child. As mentioned earlier, make sure you understand the needs of your family as it will help you to buy the right products. There are quite a few options for laundry products that are safe for your kids and the environment. You want to look for zero to little fragrance, dye-free, and no har

Hand washes soaps

Want to invest in hand washes and worried whether they would or not irritate your skin and those of your family? Well, take some time and search, especially on the internet. Look at the specifications of each hand wash soap. Make sure they are not scented as the smell might irritate the allergic members of your family.

You can always ask Vacuum Warehouse if you need assistance on which product you want to choose. The company is committed to understand the needs of its clients and offer products and services that meet those needs.

Do It yourself or Homemade products

You can also invest in DIY products like hydrogen peroxide, as it is environmentally friendly. Still, its effect cannot be as effective as the abovementioned and certified supplies. You can also invest in baking soda to remove tough stains on the surface. It is essential for cleaning the shower, toilet, or even the oven. However, you have to mix water and vinegar before applying a sponge dampened with baking soda to clean the surface.

If you are unsure where to start from when choosing the best cleaning product, you can also ask for recommendations from friends and family or consult the internet. 


As you have seen from the guide, you should always pay attention to the type of product you buy. Understand the needs of your family and invest in the supplies that will satisfy them. Though all the outlined products are child and pet friendly, you are advised to keep them away from the reach of the children. Moreover, take your time to go through the Environmental Working Group to understand the rating of each cleaning supply before investing in it.