Some plumbing repairs are either too risky or too technical to handle On a DIY basis. No matter your level of experience in home repairs, you will need to contact plumbing experts for help. Here are some four issues that you should treat as emergencies at home.


Bursting of Pipes


In most cases, freezing leads to the inevitable bursting of pipes at home. Freezing of pipes can occur if you forgot to winterize your piping system properly. The pipes expand and prevent water from passing through, and eventually, there is cracking. Burst pipes are one of the causes of flooding at home. You may want to do a little damage control before help arrives.


Here’s what you should do if your pipes burst:


  • Close the main valve before anything else
  • Turn on other taps to drain all the water that the pipes may still be holding.
  • Call plumbing experts


Blockage of Sewers and Other Drains


Blocking of sewer lines can make it challenging to use other plumbing facilities, and it could mess your home. The leading cause of blockages is neglect. There is nothing as disgusting as sewage back up due to clogging in the sewer line. It is also a health hazard and can increase breathing problems if you or anyone else at home is asthmatic. Sometimes sewer lines can develop leaking issues due to continuous undetected blockage. You may not have the time or skills to dig them out and fix the leaking points. It will help if you do not try any other damage-control activities by yourself.


Leaking Gas Lines


Gas leaks can potentially cause fires and even explosions. If you are sure how to turn off the gas at the meter immediately, go out of the house and call your plumber. This applies to homes that use piped gas. Leakage on gas lines could be because of poor piping during installation. Neglect is also another possible cause since you do not look out for corrosion and other signs of wear.


No Water or Very Low Pressure


You will notice this if there are no outlets receiving water. It would be a pointer to an underlying serious problem with the piping, especially where there are underground pipes. Low pressure can be because of faulty pressure relief valves or blockages. You do not want this to happen to you in the morning when you want to get a quick shower.


Some of the emergency issues are preventable if you have a proper maintenance schedule. Undertaking regular inspections with the backing of your plumber can help you detect problems before they explode. Reach out to pros for advice and response during those trying times.