Getting outside to enjoy nature is a great way to relax, get some fresh air, and marvel at the beauty that’s all around you. Sometimes, though, with the sun beating down and the insects attacking you, getting outside isn’t as enjoyable as it should be. With a few modifications, though, you can make your outdoor space a place to be appreciated once again. To help you gain the upper hand in this battle, here are four ways to make it easier for your family to enjoy nature at home.

Plant Some Trees

The harsh summer sun can quickly make your backyard a hot and sticky nightmare. Plus, with too much sun exposure, you put you and your family at risk of sunburns and other issues. To help reduce this exposure, it’s a good idea to plant some trees so that you can eventually have all the shade you crave. While you wait for the trees to grow, you can use shade structures and shade sails as effective stand-ins.

Build a Deck

A backyard is a great place to relax and play. If it rains too much, though, all that relaxing and playing can turn your backyard into a muddy mess. However, if you add a deck to your house, you can be assured that you’ll always have an area where you can be outside without having to worry about getting muddy. Residential decks can even be made into multi-story outdoor hangouts that make your home perfect for entertaining.

Escape the Bugs

Even if the rest of your backyard is just as it should be, the arrival of mosquitos, flies, wasps, and other pests can quickly ruin that atmosphere. Fighting pests in your backyard is a multi-layered approach, depending on the type of unwanted visitors you’re battling. For mosquitos, aside from bug spray and screened-in spaces, the most effective tool is a device that emits carbon dioxide to attract mosquitos and then traps the mosquitos inside.

Build a Fence

If you have young children or pets, you know how difficult it can be to relax outside when you’re worried about them running off. That’s why it’s a great idea to fence-in your outdoor space to keep everyone safe and provide you with the peace of mind you need to relax. Fences can be as simple as a chain-link fence or as complex as a six-foot privacy fence made from wood or vinyl. As long as it matches the design aesthetic of the rest of your backyard, a fence will make a great addition to your home.

In some cases, the nature that you can access in your backyard just isn’t enough. Rather than trying to make nature more accessible through various modifications, sometimes it’s just best to go to where you can have an encounter with nature. Parks, nature preserves, and other areas with lots of natural elements provide a great way to get closer to nature without having to worry about making your own natural space perfect. Then, when you get home, you will be inspired to enjoy your own outdoor space that much more.