When people come to see your home, the first thing they will notice is your garden. It can become obvious when a front yard hasn’t been cared for well; either it is bare and dull, or it has become overgrown and gotten out of hand.


When landscaping becomes the only solution, you are presented with a task that calls for careful thought. The right plants can change the look of any garden, but you might be too busy to look after them, in which case they will wilt, not solving the problem.


Low-maintenance plants exist for those whose schedules do not have much room for gardening. If you are working on your landscaping this year, do a search and find the plants that are right for you. Here are four to start with.


Smoke Tree


If you want a tree for your garden that is elegant but low maintenance, smoke tree is an excellent choice. They do well in full sun and average garden soil. Simple as this tree might look in the summer, you’re rewarded in the autumn when it turns scarlet with the changing season. It’s recommended that you plant a smoke tree in the spring.


Dwarf Alberta Spruce


If you want a more elegant, classic addition to your garden, this evergreen grows into a cone shape without any pruning. It’s a great source of shade for other plants, and can be particularly eye-catching in the winter.




If you’re looking for something more eye-catching, this perennial flower is sure to give your yard personality. In its pink variety called ‘Sarah Bernhardt’, it’ll add color to a formerly drab lawn. Peony grows in full sun, a great way to appreciate its striking color.


Peach Lemonade Rose


This list can’t be complete with the classic beauty of the rose. While red roses might be overdone, the peach lemonade variety is hardy and will look good with the peonies. The scent will add excitement to your garden. Soon you might want to plant more rose bushes.


A healthy yard is worth the garden maintenance, but sometimes you need help to keep it in shape. With some professional help, you can keep your front yard lively while dedicating the time needed to work and family.


These are only a few low-maintenance plants that you have to choose from for your garden. Making your yard beautiful is possible, regardless of whether you have leisure time to care for it.

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