With teens being so new to driving, they may not fully pay attention to the posted speed limit signs on the road. This can mean that they get pulled over by the cops and get a ticket. Before this happens, you need to prepare them on how to proceed if this happens to them. Here’s what you need to teach your teens to do if they get a speeding ticket.

Cooperate With the Cops

It’s imperative that teens cooperate with the cops fully. They don’t want to make a bad situation worse simply because they were uncooperative. They should know exactly where their license, registration, and insurance card is. They should be respectful of the police officer, and they shouldn’t argue with them even if they think that they weren’t going too fast.

Call You When it’s Safe to Do So

After your teen gets a ticket, they should call you. Just make sure that they know that they should wait until it’s safe to do so. They shouldn’t do it while they are driving, and they shouldn’t ignore the police officer because they are talking to you on the phone.

Have Them Contact a Lawyer

Your teen may have gotten a speeding ticket when they shouldn’t have. They may not have been speeding, or there might not have been adequate signage posted to let them know what the speed limit was. If this is the case, then they need to contact a traffic ticket attorney. Your teen may be able to get out of their ticket by having an attorney go to court to fight it.

Take a Driving Course

All teens can benefit from a driving course. After they’ve received a speeding ticket, they should definitely take one. They can learn a variety of different things about safe driving habits. They can also learn about the consequences of speeding or driving while distracted. Their insurance company may also offer them an insurance discount for taking a driving course.

In conclusion, it’s not uncommon for teens to get speeding tickets. Because of this, you need to prepare them on what to do before this happens. By utilizing the above tips, they can be fully prepared if they do get pulled over by the cops and get a ticket. If you feel that they were given a speeding ticket unfairly, you can and should contact an attorney. They may be able to dispute the ticket in court and have the speeding ticket dropped.