Whether you’re planning to purchase a new home in the near future or you’re thinking about long-term plans, considering design elements that you prefer helps in narrowing down the options. Of course, you should consider your personal preferences and needs, but certain features are quite appealing to a wide variety of buyers.


On chilly autumn mornings, you might dream of sitting in the sun to enjoy your breakfast; however, you feel it’s a bit too cold to do so. A sunroom is an enthralling feature of a house that allows you to venture outdoors in weather conditions that would typically preclude you from doing so. A sunroom is also a fantastic place to relax when you feel like lounging in the sun in your pajamas. Instead of worrying about the neighbors seeing you, you can just feel at peace in the privacy of your own sunroom.

Hot Tub

Another way to relax more in your own home is to look for a piece of real estate that comes with a hot tub. Properties vary in terms of whether these hot tubs are located inside or outside. An outside hot tub can be an intriguing way to add glamor to the backyard. You might find that your new house is the hottest spot to hang out this upcoming summer. A hot tub inside of the house allows you to keep the peace and comfort to yourself.

Second-Story Deck

Imagine walking out of your bedroom and having the ability to look out over vast farmlands or see skyscrapers from the nearest city while you enjoy an afternoon snack or delight in a favorite book. Purchasing a house with a second-story deck can welcome these vibes into your life. Do keep in mind that this purchase does come with an extra set of precautions, particularly if you have small children or pets.

Extra Washer and Dryer

If you’re tired of lugging the clothes from the second floor to the first floor or the basement every time that you want to do the washing, purchase a house with an extra washer and dryer. In other words, you can look for properties that have washers and dryers on the same level as the bedrooms. You might find that doing laundry isn’t such a detestable chore when the machines are right where you need them.

On your search for your new home, make sure to know what you’re prioritizing. Including these design features on your list can make for a phenomenal new home.