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Though summertime is rich with outdoor activities, recreation, and family time, it’s also a prime time for plumbing issues to occur. With warmer weather comes increased plumbing complications, which is why plumbers are in high demand during the summer. Here are some plumbing problems that you can anticipate this summer.

Clogged Disposal

Cookouts are all the rage in the summertime. Whether you’re barbecuing or eating refreshing fruits, more food inevitably leads to leftovers. If you aren’t properly disposing of these goods, your disposal will take the brunt of it. From grease to fruit pits, these are the most common culprits for clogged disposals during the summer. Before putting food down your drain, check to see if it’ll prevent it from running correctly.

Sprinkler Issues

Warm weather makes grass grow like crazy. This requires more yard work. If you’re mowing your lawn or landscaping more frequently, your sprinkler is bound to sustain damage. After all, there’s more traffic. After working in the yard, check your sprinklers. For added protection, consider adding a cover to your sprinkler heads; that way, they’ll be less exposed. A plumber, such as one from Windy City Rooter Inc, can easily install these.

Clogged Shower Drain

Summer is the ideal time for beach trips and outdoor fun. While exciting, these activities require showering immediately upon returning home. With that said, sand, dirt, and other elements go straight down the drain. As these remains pile up, your shower drain won’t clear as fast. Before hopping in the shower, rinse off outside first.

Washing Machine Malfunctions

To remain comfortable, many outfit changes occur in the summer. Whether you’ve gotten dirty while playing with your kids or have sweat through your clothes, the loads seem to get bigger and bigger. As a result, your washing machine is being used more. To ensure that your washing machine stays in tip-top shape, routine maintenance may be required. Otherwise, it’s liable to get overwhelmed, which can cause leaks.

Flooding in Basement

There’s no summer without ample amounts of rain. With it raining every day, downpours can quickly evolve into a flooding problem. To avoid flooding in your basement, check your sump pump. It’s also essential to clean your gutters so that they don’t get bogged down with leaves and dirt. These instances can make way for a potential flooding issue.

If your home falls susceptible to any of these problems, don’t fret. While they are normal, it’s important to contact a professional to remedy the issue.

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