There’s nothing like a lush, green yard to add curb appeal to your home. With so many factors working against you, though, keeping your yard green can be quite a challenge. With the right preparation and know-how, though, you can maintain that green yard you’ve always dreamed of. Here are four tips for making your yard greener this summer that will make you the envy of the neighborhood.

Don’t Cut Too Much

Cutting your lawn on a regular basis is a key way to keep it healthy and manageable. However, when you cut your lawn, you want to make sure not to cut too much of the length of each blade. Try not to cut more than one-third of the length of the grass each time you cut. This will help prevent disease and ensure your grass is able to retain moisture effectively.

Get to the Roots

One key ingredient to a green lawn is plenty of water. Unless you’re gifted with a wet summer, then you’re going to have to do some watering of your own. When you water, you want to make sure to water for long periods to ensure the water has a chance to penetrate to the roots of the grass. If you use an irrigation system for watering, you’ll want to take care of any necessary pump repairs before the growing season starts to ensure your system can handle these extended watering periods.

Add Some Air

Over time, the roots of the grass in your lawn can become a tangled mess. If this goes on for long enough, the old roots can prevent air from reaching the current roots, which can prevent healthy grass growth. By using an aerator to put small holes in your lawn into which air can flow, you will help your grass flourish and provide a good foundation if you need to overseed.

Be Wise With Fertilizer

In the quest for green grass, there are few allies as strong as fertilizer. However, if used improperly, fertilizer can become an enemy. It’s important to be judicious in your application of fertilizer so that your grass doesn’t become burned from excess amounts of nutrients. You only need to apply fertilizer a few times during the growing season in order to experience the best results.

Once the growing season is over, it’s important to keep your lawn healthy throughout the off-season so that your lawn will be ready to emerge again when the temperatures warm-up. This means removing excess leaves, applying a winter fertilizer, and keeping an eye out for any pests. By taking ownership of your lawn throughout the year, you will help make your job easier in the summer months.

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