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Whether you’re trying to minimize your possessions or just want to indulge in self-care, there are a few objects that make life better, more comfortable, or more efficient. Each of the improvements listed below can give you more time, better health, and more comfort.

Things that Increase Efficiencies

If your bed is on risers for more space or just because you like the look why not incorporate outlets into the risers? These tools can give you extra storage under your bed. They can also make it easier to keep a phone, laptop, and bedside lamp powered up without having to charge things far from your bed.

You can also boost efficiency in your day by using the Pomodoro technique. Block out time to do nothing but focus on your most important tasks, work like crazy for 25 to 30 minutes, then take a ten-minute break before resetting the timer.

Of course, the point of the Pomodoro technique isn’t just to make time to do more things. It can also be used to give you time to do little or nothing. Once you’ve Pomodoro’d your way to an empty to-do list, take a nap. If you’re not sleepy, put down your yoga mat and do some very simple stretches on the floor. Be sure to add a happy baby pose to your routine to open your pelvis and stretch your low back.

Things that Make Healthy Choices Easier

To make sure you make great choices at the grocery store, treat yourself to something you’re proud to have chosen before you hit the store. If you want to eat a more organic selection, treat yourself to a healthy snack right before you get to the store. You know you have the power to eat right, you just proved it. Hit the organic produce section first and load your cart with foods that will boost and protect your health.

Buy gorgeous workout clothes. Treat yourself to wonderful, amazingly comfortable sneakers. Get a new gym bag or yoga strap. It doesn’t take a huge financial investment to get happier about your exercise options. To that end, if the gym is boring, join a hiking club or bird-watching group to get you out of the house and on the trail.

Finally, make plans to completely blow your diet and your exercise plan every couple of weeks. If potato chips are your thing, choose a day when you’ll have as many potato chips as you want. Plan for it. Schedule things around it. Then indulge yourself, eat exactly what you’ve been craving, and be done with it until it’s time to revel in another craving. It is important to be intuitive with your eating. You can even find substitutions for your sweet tooth cravings that are actually healthy. It is important to find balance. 

Things that Boost your Comfort

If you’re inclined to snuggle in and nest during cold weather, invest in products that make your nesting more comfortable. Garments such as fluffy slippers or socks are a good start. A warm hoodie will add to your snuggle factor.

For those who love to read, a husband pillow will turn any flat surface into an ideal reading spot. To boost your comfort and enjoyment, consider getting a book light that will fasten to your book or clip to the headboard.

Things that Boost Creativity

Fans of cooking will find a great deal of enjoyment in simple purchases. A hand-held blender for cream soups will speed up your creative processes, as will a fun free-standing ladle that you can sit upright on the stove. Add cooking apps to your tablet and treat yourself to a decorative wooden tablet stand.

If you’re a regular reader of any form of fiction, you may want to start writing to tap into your own creative drive. Consider joining a creative writing club that sends you prompts to boost your writing habit, which you can track in a pretty notebook you can carry in your purse or computer bag.

Every action you take can lead you to greater enjoyment of the hours in a day. By increasing your creative expression, you can improve your personal life. Greater efficiency can mean more time for yourself or with loved ones. By adding items that make it easier to charge your electronics, stay warm at home, or get to the gym, you can make every positive habit a bit easier.

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