If you’ve never managed to find the right house for you, or you’ve always dreamt of living in a very specific home that you have imagined, then building your own home may be the right option for you. 

You may think that building your own home is something that is reserved for people with a lot of time or money, but it is possible to have your home built for you in a cost-effective manner. 

By following these eight steps, you could own the home of your dreams. 

Find A Plot 

The first step in building your home should be finding the right piece of land that you can build on. You may be able to buy a plot of land that already has planning permission in place on, or you may need to start the entire process from scratch. Do remember that planning permission will be an essential step, so don’t commit to a plot that cannot be built on. 

Arrange Financing For Your Project 

Most mortgages are not suitable for home builders. That said, there are several mortgages that are designed with self-building in mind. Speak with a specialist mortgage advisor and find the right financial product for you. 

Setting Your Budget

Once you have your mortgage, you should set to work on determining the budget for the project. Be strict, but realistic You should aim to hold 10% back as a contingency for when something on the project inevitably goes wrong. 

Finding The Right Architect 

Find an architect who has created homes that you like the look of. You should also ensure that you can work with them. They will need to understand your concepts, and also be able to communicate in an effective manner. If something in your idea doesn’t work, they should offer alternative suggestions in a way that is sensitive to your hopes for the project. 

Applying For Planning Permission 

Once you have some plans in place you can apply for planning permission. This process can take time. You should also brace yourself for the fact that you may not be granted the permission you need. Speak with the planning department ahead of putting your application in. 

Hiring A Building Contractor

Once you have planning permission, hire the necessary contractors to carry out the work. You will need builders, roofers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, plasters, and a groundwork company. You may want to get a project manager in to deal with all of the contractors on your behalf. 

Buying Materials 

With the assistance of your builder, start buying all of the necessary materials. You should make sure that you use high-quality materials. Read websites like Armstrong Steel reviews to find out about the quality of the materials that you are buying.

Building Your New Home

Once you have the materials, your contractors can set to work. The work will usually involve having the groundwork laid, followed by the build itself. Once this is completed you will need snagging carrying out to iron out any defects from the build.