Does sitting at a desk make your feet feel itchy? Is the very idea of sitting for hours in the same place enough to make you squirm? Then an office job is probably not for you. Luckily, there are plenty of active occupations out there that will keep you on your feet and moving around on a regular basis. Here are just four active jobs that you might want to consider.




Construction jobs are certainly active, as they will have you busy all day with some aspect of building a new structure. From framing to siding, there’s no part of a construction project that does not involve significant physical labor. And if you’re an antsy type of person, you will enjoy the fact that when one project is completed you get to move on to the next one, removing the possibility of a single workplace that becomes intolerably boring after years on the job.




Landscaping work gets you outside and keeps you on the move. All sorts of tasks are involved, from planting flowers to raking leaves. This is a job that will have you sweating on a regular basis and returning home feeling like you’ve done a hard day’s work. This is a great option for anyone who feels like they want a connection with nature in their daily lives.


Fitness Trainer


If you like to teach but think a classroom would feel claustrophobic, then fitness training might be the perfect job for you. You’ll have to learn a lot about the human body and how best to exercise it, but once you do there will be plenty of people eager for your services. Trainers normally take part in workout routines while they are explaining them, meaning you’ll get daily exercise and come home feeling fit and strong every day.


Delivery Driver


This might seem counter-intuitive, since you imagine a delivery driver to be cooped up inside the cab of a truck, but in reality this is an extremely physical occupation. Packages, many of which are heavy, have to be packed into the truck at the start of the day and then brought out of it at every stop. Some deliveries involve dozens of packages, meaning the unloading process is a prolonged and grueling ordeal. At the end of some days, you’ll feel like you spent the afternoon at the gym. With online shopping exploding, there will be many available jobs.