School is out for summer and if you are like most parents, you may be wondering what you are going to be doing with your children for the next few months. The continuing COVID-19 health pandemic has put a wrinkle in many summer vacation and camp plans, causing parents to have to think outside of the box for entertainment ideas for their kids. Here are four ways that you can keep your kids active this summer with a variety of fun activities.

Look Into Online Sports Training

Your hopes of getting your child into some active sports training this summer are not lost. Many camps are taking their services online to provide children with an engaging way to boost their skills without even having to leave their homes. The best thing about these types of training opportunities is that you are not limited by geography. 

With so many choices, you are sure to find the right fit for your child’s skill level. Be sure to consider the attention span of your child before committing to a lengthy program. Many of these services will also allow you to try out a class at no cost to see if it is something that your child will enjoy.

Take Up a New Instrument

The summer is a great time to learn how to play a new instrument. Not only will this keep your child active and give them something to work toward, but it will also deliver a sense of accomplishment as they begin to improve in their skill. If are you are unsure where to start, try visiting a guitar store or other type of retailer that will let your child try out a few different instruments to find one that makes them curious to learn more. 

You can then sign your child up for lessons or find some online tutorials to help to guide you through the process of learning to play a new instrument.

Register for a Fun Run

Running is an amazing outdoor activity for kids. Not only will they burn off tons of energy, but it will also boost their mental and emotional health. One of the best ways to motivate your child is to choose a fun run at the end of the summer and register for it as a family. 

You can then design a training plan to ensure that everyone is ready to tackle the distance. Your child will love training for a specific goal and the sense of pride that comes with crossing that finish line.

Go Camping

A camping adventure is a perfect way to connect with Mother Nature and to teach your children about the wonder of the world around them. Most campgrounds are open for the summer, providing the ideal playground for children looking to explore and burn off energy while still adhering to social distancing rules. Kids will love the thrill of sleeping under the stars, cooking their dinner over an open flame, and lazing around the campground without a care in the world.

Although it may be a bit of work to prepare for this trip, your efforts will be worth it when you see how many family memories you will create on your camping journey. A camping trip is a great way to encourage physical activity in the great outdoors.

After months of sitting in front of a screen for online schooling, your children will appreciate all of these opportunities to be active. By considering your child’s preferences and passions, you are sure to find an activity that encourages activity and stokes their curiosity about the world around them.