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The joys of summer can be amplified when you have a place to enjoy both indoors and outdoors. This list below will help you get some ideas about how to make your summer dreams a reality. No matter your budget, one of these actions will help you create a summer oasis.

1. Up Your Landscaping Game

The addition of plants to front and back yards can make a huge difference to the overall appeal of your home. Not only will it makes things look nicer, but the extra cover will also lower the temperature of outdoor spaces while purifying the air. When choosing what to plant, you should try to have a nice balance of annuals and perennials. Perennial plants will come back year in and year out for you. Be sure, though, to pay attention to any weed growth you might have to control. Mulch and pine straw can help you with those efforts.

In terms of providing shade, look into bushes and trees that can be planted on your property that will help lower your cooling bills. In addition to improving the aesthetic feel of your summer oasis, you also can end up saving a good bit of money. Just be sure you will are able to handle the care needs of any new plants. Be certain you have the right growing conditions, too.

2. Create an Outdoor Kitchen

You do not have to spend an arm and a leg to create an outdoor kitchen in your backyard. There are even great DIY projects you can find online to assist you with those efforts. If you have children, this is an activity they might enjoy doing with you. You also could look into enlisting the help of your friends. Pay them back with some cocktails and free food.

If you do not have that much space to work with, you shouldn’t be discouraged. You have plenty of options that will work. Think about an outdoor pizza oven, for example. Without taking up too much room, you can churn out homemade pizzas whenever you want.

3. Install a Pool 

Installing a pool might be more costly but well worth the expense! However, there are all kinds of pools at various price points from which you can choose. You have above the ground and in-ground options. You also get to choose from several finishing touches. If you have been thinking about a pool, this is an investment that can keep you happy this summer and for many years to come.

As you consider installing a pool, you have factors like maintenance to think about, too. According to DocDeanPools, a company that offers pool repair in Ocoee FL, pool maintenance is one of the most important yet commonly ignored aspects of owning a pool. Whether you’re installing a permanent pool underground or a temporary above ground pool for the summer, keeping all the filters and chemicals in check is critical. 

4. Set Up a Modern Media Room

And outdoor oasis shouldn’t be just restricted to your outdoor living areas. Think about all the different ways you can prepare the inside of your home for summer. Among the ideas you might have is to set up a modern media room in your house. If you have kids, this will be a huge hit for them. It also might help keep you sane.

Think about it. Your kids are home from school on a rainy summer day, and you want them to just chill out. A modern media room where they can play video games and binge on their favorite TV shows will help you keep them occupied. On rainy evenings, you can join the fam for summer family movie night. Without spending too much money, you should be able to get the look and feel that will work for your home.

5. Get the Most Out of Your Home’s Cooling System

The aforementioned landscaping additions can help you control your home’s cooling system, but you should also make other considerations. Think about these other ways you can lower your energy costs. With mostly minimal investments on your end, you will see some big results.

An energy-efficient room thermostat and fans, too, can decrease your power bill. Think about your lighting systems and be on the lookout for technologies with remote timers and wireless access. Also, don’t forget to pay attention to your window coverings and handle any drafts and needed roof maintenance.

Your Perfect Summer Oasis

Are you ready to enjoy the summer months? You can easily create your perfect summer oasis. One or more of the tips above will help you with your preparations.