In this modern age, there has been a major push toward academics for children. The curriculum continues to become more demanding, leaving less time for recess and free time. What used to be first grade skills are now introduced in kindergarten. Developmental experts in education remind parents, educators, and lawmakers that it is important to promote the development of the whole child. The arts are important as well. As you consider what your child needs to reach his or her full potential, don’t overlook the importance of music lessons.

Music Can Bring Your Child Joy

Every child must learn the necessary skills to be successful. However, you don’t want your child to burn out or become frustrated by only stressing academics. You want to help your child to find hobbies and interests that are exciting. Learning to play an instrument, whether it’s the banjo, the guitar, the piano, or the drums, can open the door to great happiness. Your child can begin by simply playing for fun. Think of those early days when you banged on pots and pans with a spoon. Introduce your child to musical toys or instruments you have in your home. If your little one leans toward a certain instrument or enjoys a particular kind of music, you’ll know where to begin when it’s time to get serious.

Your Child’s Intelligence Can be Improved Through Music

Music lessons are more than something enjoyable or an escape from schoolwork for your child. They can strengthen academics and the IQ. Scientific studies have found that a child’s brain can actually increase in size after music lessons begin. Researchers have also focused on a positive link between playing musical instruments and high test scores, including the SAT, college entrance exams, and a child’s GPA in higher education.

Whether you choose to enroll your child in private music lessons from an early age or you opt for a more social setting there are plenty of options to choose from at LVL Music Academy. Your child can learn at home, in a studio, or online to help them enrich their studies and become fluent in music and learn a skill and love for the arts.

Your Child’s Language Development Can Improve

The earlier your child begins music lessons, the more your child can reap the benefits. This includes language development. Learning to speak fluently involves exposure to sounds. Studies have shown that children who are exposed to more words from infancy will develop a richer vocabulary. Music adds another dimension of sounds, demanding that children tune into everything around them.

Your Child Will Learn the Value of Discipline

Learning to play a musical instrument with skill takes practice. Your child will need to devote time to his or her instrument every day. The instructor will provide lessons that include a recommended amount of time for a practice schedule. You will be setting a good example for your child that can be followed in all areas of life. Your child will learn that it is necessary to set aside time for homework. Reading, writing, and math require practice as well. Once your child has the stamina needed to take up an instrument, it will be easier to stay the course on schoolwork.

Music Can Open the Door to Social Interactions

Your child’s ability to play an instrument can help your son or daughter to interact with others. Band and orchestra bring groups of children together. Even online banjo lessons will help your child have more opportunities to connect with other music lovers outside of the home. Eventually, your child will be able to take part in performances for the public! With the help of music, your child will have more opportunities to meet, interact, and take part in social gatherings then they would have otherwise. 

Boost Your Child’s Confidence

Everyone wants to be good at something. You can give your child the gift of high self-esteem by providing music as an outlet. You provide the means to get an instrument and a skilled instructor. The rest will be up to your child, with your encouragement. As your child becomes dedicated to his or her instrument of choice, it will be possible to become a skilled musician. Your child will be recognized by others, gaining the respect of teachers and peers. Nurturing a talent will make your child feel good.

You know that your child holds countless wonders within. As a parent, you need to uncover them. You are a support system when it comes to enhancing the development of a well-rounded child. Give your son or daughter the option of playing an instrument. Don’t make it a chore. Learning how to make music should bring happiness into the life of a child. You’ll find that it can be the start of a beautiful journey.