So you are ready to solidify your plans to move away asap. Check out this list. It can help you narrow down your choices. Here are four cities you should consider. Some of the cities you might not have even heard of before.

1. Atlanta, GA

Now called the Hollywood of the South, Atlanta is attracting people from all over the world to settle down in this city on the move. A booming housing market and all kinds of work industries make this a city worthy of your consideration. The ATL has great activities you can enjoy year-round, too.

You can head to Piedmont Park for concerts, festivals, and plenty of outdoor recreation. And Atlanta is home to some amazing art museums, yummy food, and a diverse and vibrant community. The city if full of rich Southern history mixed with a boost of unique modern touches.

2. North Logan, UT

You might not have heard of North Logan before, but you should know this city of just over 11,000 people definitely is a gem. Sitting next to the beautiful Wellsville Mountains, you have breathtaking views almost anywhere you look. And whether you run into a long-time local or one of the many newer residents, you are sure to feel like family in North Logan.

You can be in the city of Logan in ten minutes and Salt Lake City in about 90 minutes. North Logan is growing and offering people like you great work opportunities, top-notch schools, and some cool businesses to patronize. But you easily can get to the larger aforementioned cities for even more activities. A nature lover’s paradise with enough amenities to keep you happy, there are great homes for sale in North Logan Utah to consider, too.

3. Panama City Beach, FL

During the 80s and 90s, you might have learned about Panama City Beach, FL. It was the annual home to MTV’s Spring Break craziness for a good while. But over the last several years, PCB is no longer just considered the wild Redneck Riveria. In fact, the city has a really good quality of living.

Although it is a beach town, you can find really good real estate deals in this city of around 13,000 people. If you are a seafood lover, the Gulf Coast feeds hungry stomachs at great eateries all up and down the beach. Pier Park has you covered when it comes to entertainment, food, and shopping, and the people in PCB are some of the nicest folks you will meet. If you have children, you have great schools there, too.

4. Washington, DC

Whether you have been to DC before or not, you might want to also consider moving there. The city is more than politics and rich history, and you are sure to find all kinds of unique and interesting things you will love about the city. And no matter which DC community you move to, you will meet people from all over the world.

There are amazing art galleries, plenty of outdoor space to enjoy, and you have some incredible restaurants to keep you happy, too. Throughout the city, you can shop at unique, vibrant markets and one of a kind retailers. And the city has one of the best public transportation systems out there.

Four Great Cities to Consider

You just learned about four great cities that should be on your list of considerations. Whether you go with one of these cities or not, best wishes on your upcoming move. You might want to bookmark this page, too. That could come in handy if you need to reference this list again in the future.