Cuts, bumps, burns, slips, and falls are some of the most common injuries that happen in a small kitchen. Perhaps you are looking at your kitchen and are wondering what you can do to prevent injuries while effectively maximizing the small space you have. Here are 4 tips to help you remodel your kitchen.

Decorative Drawers

You may have wondered about the drawers near your sink that are unopenable and why they are there. These unopenable and fake drawers are purely decorative. The sink or plumbing behind these decorative drawers prevents them from being functional, or so you thought. Our first tip to help maximize your kitchen space is to convert them into front tip-out trays. Once converted, you can store sponges, brushes, and other dish cleaning tools in the trays, allowing you to maximize your small kitchen space, effectively and efficiently.

Cabinet Doors

When you think about kitchen remodeling, you might automatically turn towards your kitchen’s cabinets. You are perhaps thinking about how you can organize your cabinets to hide away all your kitchen equipment until it is time to use them again. Here is another tip. Consider using the inside of your cabinet doors by adding a corkboard or magnetic board. Alternately, you can also use the inside of your cabinet doors to hang measuring cups, adding functionality and seamless accessibility.


Knives, knives, and more knives. You might have an arsenal of cutting instruments in your small kitchen and are wondering how you can break free from stuffing them all in a drawer. Our next tip involves taking your cutleries out of the drawer and putting them on a magnetic knife strip. Convenient and safe, using a magnetic knife strip to store your cutting instruments allows you to conveniently optimize and maximize your kitchen space. Using a magnetic knife strip to store your cutleries will also help protect a knife’s edge from dulling.

Base Cabinets

Perhaps you have injured yourself while crawling into one of the base cabinets to find a certain type of pot or pan. Another tip to help you remodel your kitchen is to add rolling shelves inside your base cabinets. Rolling shelves can help you organize and declutter your small kitchen space while effectively adding storage without reducing valuable space.

These are only to mention 4 tips to help you remodel your kitchen. Prevent common small kitchen injuries from happening by adding storage and organizing. Effectively maximize and efficiently optimize your small kitchen space by utilizing these four useful kitchen remodeling tips.

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