One of the reasons that many homeowners put off renovating their old-fashioned or bland spaces is the mess and stress that home improvements and DIY projects can sometimes cause to both your home and your lifestyle. If you are unable to move out during renovations and home improvements, here are some of the easiest home improvements that will each cause minimal disruption to you and your family.


Garden Design and Landscaping


The easiest way to keep the disruption of home improvements from affecting you is to keep your renovations away from the interior of your home. This does not mean that you are unable to transform your living space, though, and garden design and landscaping is one of the most effective ways that you can improve your home without causing stress to you and your family. For instance, you should consider building paths, rockeries, and sheds in order to create a practical and beautiful garden for your family. Other easy additions to this space include the installation of woodburning outdoor fires from, which can create a stylish and practical space to gather on summer evenings. 


Storage and Shelving


Many homeowners face the challenge of not having enough storage within their homes to facilitate the many possessions that are gathered throughout family life. However, while building new rooms for the purpose of additional storage might be disruptive, storage issues are one of the easiest home problems to solve with minimal disruption. All you need to do is invest in filing cabinets and extra cupboards, consider installing under-the-bed or overhead storage, or building additional shelving units on bare walls throughout your house.


Spare Room Renovations


If your family needs more space, but you are unable to find the time or the budget to opt for a home extension, you should consider renovating a spare room. Not only will this keep the mess of renovations away from the main areas of the house that your family use, but this will also allow you to make use of the wasted space within your home. To renovate a spare room and transform this into an extra bedroom or bathroom, an entertainment room, or an office, you should design the layout of the space, invest in the necessary furniture and paint the walls.


New Lighting Fixtures


There is no home renovation so simple and yet so effective as new lighting. New lighting can completely transform the appearance of your rooms almost instantly, without having to get the dust sheets out or move away from your home for months at a time. Although you can simply add a new lampshade to your lightbulbs, or invest in a fancy lighting fixture, such as a chandelier, you can also change the glow that this lighting casts by investing in mood lighting or dimmer switches.


Wallpaper or Paint 


If you want to get stuck into a DIY project without disturbing your family for more than a weekend, you should consider painting or wallpapering a space within your home. Although painting can be messy, you will be able to paint the rooms in an order that allows your most in-demand rooms to be finished first. You can also minimize the risk of damage to your furniture by using dust sheets and protective coverings for your possessions.