A homeowner’s enjoyment and property value are enhanced by a beautiful and functional outdoors. Following are a few ways that you can add to or renovate your surroundings to give you the full benefit and use of spaces that you already own and should make use of.


Patios can be created in a variety of styles, sizes, and from a choice of three different materials: patio pavers in different designs and colors, standard poured concrete, and stamped concrete with many colors or patterns. The location and look that is right for you depends on a variety of options that can be shown to you at a free estimate when measurements and available property views are taken by a licensed and insured professional staff member.

Custom Screen Enclosures

Custom screen enclosures allow you to enjoy the seasonal breezes, beautiful outdoor scenery, being shaded from too much sunlight, and entertain without the inconveniences caused by mosquitoes and other insects. An aluminum, cedar, or vinyl screen enclosure can be custom designed to meet your particular requirements and can be built on a new deck or onto an existing patio or deck.


Gazebos come in many different sizes, shapes, and materials. They help you stay cool and be out of the sun. Shapes are generally rectangular, hexagon, and octagon. The frame is typically made of reinforced aluminum or steel that has a powder-coated finish meant to prevent corrosion and rusting. Other frame materials can be cedar, redwood, or iron. Roof materials include polyester, polyethylene, steel, aluminum, polycarbonate, shingles, or canvas. The primary material might be wood, metal, or fabric.


Fencing serves as a property dividing line to set your yard apart from your neighbor’s and protects against unwanted trespassers or animals. The best material depends on what type of fence you need. Security fencing is best from metal or chain link, or a privacy fence is usually wood or vinyl. Not only does a good fence protect your yard, but the sense of privacy it affords allows you to feel so much more relaxed in your own backyard than if you were staring at all of your neighbors’ windows.

You can choose from chain link, wood, vinyl, metal, wrought iron, or consider ornamental metal or wood if you want to add style. Pressure-treated wood pine is the most popular residential choice for outdoor structures such as fences, porches, and decks. Wood is likely to maintain its beauty over a period of time. Be aware that you might consider vinyl instead of metal because of metal’s rust capabilities. Vinyl, or PVC, is another of the most popular and durable choices since it won’t rust, rot, splinter, or crack when exposed to cold and hot temperatures and moisture.