Creating a luxurious feeling in your home often takes more thinking than buying. There may be items in your home that you can use right now to turn an ordinary space into something remarkable. Pick a spot that feels shabby or crowded and focus on making it plush.

Go for Texture

If you have small pillows on furniture in the living room with an interesting texture, swap them out with some of the pillows on your bed. If your couch has a ribbed or texture fabric, add smooth pillows for contrast. You have two goals: to draw the eye to an interesting contrast, and to make the bed or sofa look inviting. If you don’t like a lot of extra pillows, drape an interesting or fluffy throw across the back of your sofa to draw the eye.


Luxurious doesn’t mean crowded. Often, the most luxurious homes are arranged around simple, beautiful pieces that catch the eye. For example, if you have a small shelf unit, make sure it’s polished to a shine and place just one item on each shelf. Add a lamp nearby to include the shelf unit in the pool of light and watch it turn into a focal point.

Create Space

Move your furniture away from the wall wherever possible. Carefully review your family room or living room. If all the chairs are focused toward the television, consider creating a space for conversation instead. If you can make it happen, find a way to hide the television screen. Imagine using the space as a spot to listen to music and read a book, or enjoy a beverage and an interesting conversation. We all have and enjoy our electronics, but if the focus of a space is that big screen, it can feel as though the data coming through it is imposing itself on you, instead of you putting that data to good use.

Create Focus

Clear away the clutter on a table or kitchen island and make space for treats, such as fresh flowers. A feature of many luxury homes is a simple arrangement of flowers. Avoid anything too colorful and try to use a simple clear or white vase. You want just a hint of color and a touch of fragrance. This focal point can refresh the whole space.

Luxury doesn’t mean decadence. Simply make space in your home for the items you truly value. Do your best to store away or discard any items that don’t serve you on a regular basis. Avoid clutter and create space around your favorite items.