Most people don’t really like going to the dentist, which can make it hard to attract good clients to your dental practice. You can attract new clients with these clever marketing tips that any dentist can make use of to grow their practice. 

An easy way to get help with your marketing is to bring in a marketing agency. Look for an agency with experience working with dentists, such as Cardinal Dental Marketing Agency.

  1. Local Facebook Ads. Facebook adverts can be very effective, but you need to target them correctly. You can create the best Facebook ad around, but you won’t generate business if your advert is being shown too far from your practice. Spend some time tweaking the details of your ad’s targeting so it only shows up to people within your local area who are actually possible customers for you. Add your opening hours, a ‘get directions’ call to action and your contact information. 

  2. Click to Call ads. The main goal of marketing your dental practice is to get people to book an appointment with you. Make this as easy as possible with a ‘click to call’ advert. Facebook and Google Ads allow you to add a call button to your advert, so someone viewing the ad can click once to call you immediately, making it really simple to book. 

  3. Appointment reminders. An appointment reminder is a great way to make sure your patients actually show up. You can send postcards or make a phone call to remind them, or streamline the process by using Google calendar alerts and sending confirmation and reminders for appointment by email. You can use these methods to remind people to book too, such as for annual cleaning appointments. 

  4. Remarketing Adverts. Remarketing is an easy way to encourage more income. It allows you to reach people who have been to your website by serving specific adverts focused on recapturing those potential customers. Collect email addresses, and make use of those through match tools on Facebook and Google Ads. Upload the email addresses to make an audience for remarketing, and create adverts to entice those patients back, such as a reminder about whitening. 

  5. Facebook messaging adverts. You can use Facebook Messenger as part of your advertising strategy too. On your Facebook ads, add ‘Send Message’ as your call to action. When clicked, this opens a chat window with you where a potential customer can ask any questions they may have or book an appointment. 

  6. Google Maps. By advertising on Google Maps, you could lead your patients right to you. When someone searches ‘dentist’, results show on the map and on a list of search results as a sidebar, with adverts at the top. On mobile, you can even add CTAs to get directions and make contact with you to make booking with and finding you really easy. 

  7. Use emergency keywords. Make use of potential customers with urgent intent by bidding on dental terms fronted with words like ‘emergency’ or ‘urgent’. For example, ‘emergency wisdom tooth extraction’.