No matter what size your family is, your vehicle often becomes a hub of activity. Whether its trips to soccer practice, fun family vacations, or countless excursions to school, you depend on your vehicle to meet your family’s needs, day in and day out.

As your family’s needs change, though, your vehicle should change to reflect those needs. To help you keep up with changing demands, here are four tips for upgrading your family vehicle to meet your needs.

Add Storage

One of the biggest challenges you’re likely to face when it comes to your vehicle is a lack of storage. Without adequate storage, your children won’t have a place to keep their sports gear or school supplies, and you won’t have space for your emergency kit and secret stash of snacks for unexpectedly long drives.

A great way to upgrade your vehicle, then, is to add storage in the form of various boxes, crates, and organizers to help maximize your vehicle’s interior space. Make sure to use labels on these devices to ensure that everything gets put back where it belongs.

Add Entertainment

If your current vehicle meets your space needs, then another challenge you may face is the ability to keep your kids entertained on long drives. There are only so many rounds of “Road Trip Bingo” you can play before everything starts to look the same.

When boredom strikes, it helps to have an entertainment system to show movies and play music that will keep your family occupied. If you frequently take long trips, adding a screen to your vehicle is a great upgrade.

Get a New Ride

If your family has entirely outgrown your current vehicle, then it may be time to upgrade to a new and larger vehicle. Check with an auto loan lender to see how much vehicle you can afford to ensure you end up with the largest and most comfortable vehicle possible.

Popular large-vehicle options include mid-size and larger SUVs as well as minivans. In addition to seating capacity, you’ll want to consider how much storage space a potential vehicle offers.

Short-Term Satisfaction

If your current vehicle meets your needs most of the time but won’t meet your needs for a special outing, then you can consider a short-term upgrade through renting a vehicle. Renting a car ensures you have the space and capabilities you need for your trip while keeping your day-to-day costs low since you won’t be purchasing a new vehicle. Before renting a vehicle, though, it’s a good idea to shop around at different rental car companies, as their rates can vary quite widely, especially for larger vehicles.

Different Solutions

Clever planning can make even small vehicles work for large families. By optimizing your storage space and keeping your vehicle clean, you can haul a lot more than you think. Therefore, while some people may need a larger vehicle for their particular situation, it doesn’t mean you need a larger vehicle, too. Take an honest look at your requirements and then consider whether it’s time to upgrade.