Unemployment is at an all time low which means it can be difficult to find qualified workers to fill open positions. The majority of people who want a job have a job. Workers can typically use this type of industry environment to their advantage. As employers become more desperate, they will be more willing to offer things like enhanced benefits and above market rate pay. Additionally, those seeking to learn a new trade for job security, industries with shortages offer near guaranteed employment with the right credentials. So, what are five examples of jobs that currently have application shortages?

Truck Drivers

With the rise of next day shipping and the general growth of e-commerce, truck drivers are in very high demand. Unfortunately, the number of applications coming in to be full time drivers is not meeting demand. This can open up owner operator truck driving opportunities for full or part time work and even gives drivers leverage to set a more flexible driving schedule if necessary.

Nurse Practitioner

As a growing percentage of the population ages, there must be someone to care for them. This is the main driver behind the rise in demand for nurse practitioners and caregivers. These workers typically care for one or a few patients on any given day and help them with things like eating, dressing, and taking medication.

Construction Workers

As our population continues to go up, so does the need for more infrastructure. More houses and roads to get to those houses are built each year which is driving extremely high demand for construction workers across the country.

IT Security Specialist

The amount of data on our phones and personal computers is staggering. Unfortunately, many bad actors are out to acquire this data by any means necessary to be used for a variety of criminal reasons. To help prevent this, IT Security Specialists employ a variety of of cyber security techniques to ensure your personal data remains personal.

App Software Developer

As smartphones continue to grow in popularity, so do the number of applications that can be installed on them. Application Software Developers write the underlying code that allows an application to run smoothly. While this job often requires a four year degree, the salary is often highly competitive within the industry to attract the best talent.

Being in high demand as a job seeker is a huge advantage. By properly identifying areas where there are application shortages, you can increase the chances of finding your dream position.