Business owners of all kinds worry about the same things. Investing in equipment, training, software, office space, product research and marketing are all part and parcel of the long list of responsibilities you have. But what about your most important business asset, the employee? What are you giving your workforce that will make them want to come to work for you with a smile? Why should they connect with your brand values and see your customers the same way you do? Supporting employees should be your number one priority for this new year. Without them, you won’t be able to achieve your goals. The loss of an employee doesn’t occur overnight, it takes systemic flaws in your business to make them quit.

At-work health initiative

Employees can’t help but get sick and take days off from work. You are obligated in most states, to give them paid leave up until a certain number of days have passed. This isn’t good for anyone. The sick employee will be left out of the loop on projects and you won’t have the full manpower you need to meet deadlines. So, provide a safe and sanitary condition at work. Place tissue boxes all around the office. Hand wash soap bottles should also be placed everywhere. These should be used by employees after sneezing into their hands. Some flu and cold tablets should be provided in the office kitchen, so employees get quick relief at work. Anti-bacterial sprays and sponges should also be provided in the office so employees can wipe down their workstations.

Morally retaining employees

Any professional work environment where respect is not tangibly extended to employees, won’t last for long. Make sure you’re providing your pregnant employees with extra pillows for their seat cushions. A neck pillow or two should be kept around the office or in the HR department, so pregnant employees get neck and upper back support. Good maternity leave conditions must also be offered, such as paid leave and extended support after the pregnancy such as information on counseling and mental health for postpartum depression. Respecting everyone’s religious beliefs should be done in a simple no-tolerance policy. As a rule, ask all employees to keep religion out of the office in terms of topical discussions. A workplace where employees are respected by their employer will benefit everyone.

Extra financial advice

Some employees may need help in planning their financial future. Going to a bank and speaking with an advisor or planner at the front desk, costs money and time. With a Financial Advisor service at work, employees are able to discuss their 401K retirement plans. If they need help investing in their salary, this sort of information is provided also. There’s plenty of extra support for information on social security and personal assets planning. One-on-one employee financial counseling is also offered so they retain the utmost privacy. Implement this kind of employee advice service and you will see employee engagement skyrocket as they feel more emotionally attached to your business.

It’s quite remarkable how much you can support your employees at work for very little cost. Tissues, soap and common illness treatments provided at work will look after your workforce and prevent employees from taking too many sick days.