It’s essential to trust your employees. If you do not, you can begin to focus on every single form of micromanagement possible, and we needn’t go into why that’s a bad practice to curate. However, it’s unfortunate that managers the world over may not trust their team to a worthwhile degree. While inspecting and verifying the work of the team below them is part of their job, this can sometimes become overbearing, and it may even stifle the productivity or growth potential of any particular team member.

Putting trust in your team, and not simply paying lip service in this direction should be one of the first lessons of management school. However, it can be hard to do this, particularly if you are usually very particular with how you like things being done. But trusting your team is an overall systemic effort, not only something related to the minor tasks. In the following post, we hope to discuss some of these trusting practices that build goodwill and autonomy in your team. With that in mind, please consider the following advice:


Equip Them

Equip your employees. Don’t leave them fighting over resources, or struggling due to under-funded departments. Ensure they are outfitted correctly. For instance, many firms, in order to save on costs, will gut their IT systems or avoid upgrading to new infrastructure. This can lead to slow productivity, a lack of cybersecurity and frustrated file sharing practice. To resolve issues like this, and follow the best route forward, using IT services such as Kortek Solutions can help you apply a cohesive and reliable framework of IT reliability. This, in itself, should simply allow each and every staff member to apply their productivity without delay or distraction.


Train Them

Train your staff. Believe in their ability. If they’re good enough to work in your firm, they’re good enough to be trained, and to potentially experience promotion. Train them internally, ensure they have course funds to approximate new skills, or take time to help employees adopt to new systems, such as new IT infrastructure, software suites or management platforms. Ensure that they are well equipped, to the point where it’s not a question of if they’re skilled enough to solve pressing business challenges, but how they might go about it.


Encourage Them

Encourage them. A little praise, in the right places, can mean the world to a team trying to do right by their contract. Believe it or not, all your staff members will care for your company in some form or another. It quite literally is part of their professional development, and so a failing business is often something they can internalize while sharing in the pride of a successful effort can also be something that connects them to your firm. Don’t be afraid to encourage, to train, to be a present part of your office life. The goodwill you put in will be the goodwill you bring out.

With this advice, we hope you can place trust in your employees in the best possible sense.

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