Music is such a vital component in our lives, we heart it around us, we listen to it on the radio, through our headphones, music brings people together, it unites us in both joy and grief and it sets tones for atmospheres and events.

Scientists have still not fully understood why music is so emotive to humans and how our minds store lyrics in our minds for years and years,  to the point of dementia patients remembering lyrics from songs they heard seventy years previous. The magic of music is so special and if you are looking to learn an instrument it is best to first look at what instrument you have an interest in. 

Musical instruments are split up into different genres: String, Woodwind, Brass, Percussion and Keyboard. You are probably already considering your options with the genre you feel most drawn to but each genre has different implications and requires completely different skill sets. For example, percussion involves having good rhythm and coordination to maintain beats and change them up accordingly.

If you feel that this is something you struggle with, then perhaps percussion would take extra time to learn. It is certainly the same for piano and keyboard, the need for coordination is paramount but of course, with the right teachers, you can still blossom well.

You can easily play the Piano in 21 Days with the right assistance and guidance. If you feel that you struggle with any respiratory issues, it may hinder you to look into playing woodwind instruments. This is something you could discuss with your doctor or music teacher to see if it is a viable option, especially if it’s an area that you enjoy.

Strings can be a great place to start and are often the first port of call when you learn in school. They are easier to pick up and you can play around with strings easier, violin and guitar can be a brilliant way to learn the rudiments of music, learn how to read music and to start to appreciate the skills behind different styles of music. 

Why Is Music So Powerful? 

Music remains a mystery to so many people. It is believed that the feelings of nostalgia that are brewed from hearing old schools and stirring old memories make it so powerful, the same way smells and photos can. Good lyrics can have an effect on people.

The way a song is written and the relatability of the lyrics can be incredibly powerful because we associate the words with situations in our own life or our own relationships or issues that we too are going through and it can stimulate a sense of comfort for us.

It can allow us to feel less alone and that in itself is an incredibly powerful thing. So be sure to put your energies into something you love and learn an instrument of choice. Create your own music and your own memories, the need for music shall never fade.  

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