Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash

If you are planning a kitchen makeover, you probably have all the big changes mapped out, including flooring, appliances, and cupboards. But don’t overlook the value of smaller updates that can enhance the overall look of your kitchen. As you remodel, it can be easy to get caught up in the big, sweeping changes and lose sight of the equally important details. Small adjustments to spacing or décor can transform your kitchen into a place more pleasant to use. Here are a few suggestions that are both affordable and relatively easy to do.


You can upgrade your kitchen’s image by replacing the doors that lead into and out of this all-important room. Whether you are cooking a meal or just picking up a midnight snack, you will need to move through your kitchen all the time. Therefore, it is important that is both easy to move and beautiful as you move. French doors that lead into the kitchen from other areas, like the dining room or family room, set the kitchen area apart from the rest of the house. Consider as well, doors that are easily left open to allow easy access. Replacement doors like the glass French door design or half-open Dutch door give your kitchen and adjoining rooms extra personality. You can also opt for regular doors that will enhance your remodeling design.

Range Hood

New stoves come with exciting styles of hoods for venting the cooking area. While not everyone buys an accompanying hood when buying a stove, it is a great investment for health reasons and as an added accent to your kitchen appliances. Range hoods will suck up steam, smoke, and other potentially harmful aromas. Additionally, a range hood will absorb heat, making your kitchen less hot and more pleasant to be in. You might be concerned that such an item might take up too much space, but don’t fear. There are plenty of designs to fit with your remodeling theme and décor, and many are reasonably priced.


Your kitchen can be brighter with various lighting options to go with the renovation. Mount a small but efficient light fixture over the sink for washing dishes or food prep. Overhead lighting comes in many various types, from track lighting to suspended designs, to illuminate the entire room. If you do upgrade with a range hood, that can also increase your lighting options. Add a dimming feature to adjust the lighting as needed. Wall sconces are a nice touch for a rustic or country look. Interior cupboard lighting and countertop lights might be helpful. Your exact lighting needs will depend on how much natural light your kitchen gets, as well as its layout. However, the above suggestions can help you figure out exactly what you need. Consider how you use your kitchen to figure out what lighting scheme would be best for you.

Window Treatments

Another important element of lighting is how your windows can let in or block natural light. Additionally, kitchen windows can be opened to release cooking odors or to admit fresh air in nice weather. Depending on the kitchen’s decorating design, the windows can be accented with valances only or with short curtains. This will provide a vibrant and light theming to your kitchen. Vertical or horizontal window blinds are another way to ensure privacy at night. Blinds can come in a variety of different style. Everything from light airy patterns to dense and layer fabrics is available to you. The window treatment you choose should fit the kitchen’s theme and style. The window treatment can be a tremendous compliment to the rest of the kitchen.


People who spend considerable time in the kitchen often like to surround themselves with favorite figurines or a variety of plants. Collector tins are another favorite, along with accent pieces like a corner cupboard or an ornate cookie jar. A favorite print can be a great wall decoration, especially if the kitchen doesn’t have a window. A fruit bowl can add a strategic splash of color. While you don’t want to distract yourself too much while cooking, you do want the kitchen to be a pleasant place to be. Add preferred pieces of décor that will make the kitchen an interesting and enjoyable place to spend time.

When the hard work of the renovation is done, have fun with the finishing touches by experimenting with smaller jobs like these. While some of these suggestions require as much forethought as anything else in the project, doors and the range hood, some elements of the lighting, the window treatments and the décor allow for a lot of experimentation. Don’t be afraid to branch out and make something unique. Make the kitchen a warm and happy place for family and friends who gather to chat and eat.