Running a storefront is a lot of work, and the winter weather just makes it more difficult. Whether this is your first winter season or your tenth, try these tips to keep the front of the house comfortable for your customers.


Keep the Floor Clean


Snowy boots lead to muddy floors, and muddy floors look terrible. As long as it’s snowing outside, get in the habit of mopping multiple times a day. Look at a sales report to find out when your slowest times of day are, and have a warm mop bucket ready to go.


Maintain Your Mats


Those welcome mats in front of your door are your floor’s most valuable ally. Customers will be stomping snow and wiping their feet all season, so make sure that your mats are getting the proper care. Shake them out or wash them every night. You may also want to have spares ready so that you can hang waterlogged mats up to dry in the back room.


Clear the Walkway


If you have a landlord, you might not need to worry about shoveling the sidewalk outside your door. But if you don’t, it’s vital that you keep this area clean and free of snow and ice. Put your patio chairs away, and bring the umbrellas inside; they’ll only get damaged by all of the excess moisture.


Make Sure the Heat Is On


When your customers come in out of the cold, they’ll be expecting a warm escape from the weather outside. That means that your boiler will be working overtime. Don’t make the mistake of setting the temperature too high – somewhere around 75 degrees will keep everyone comfortable. If the heat goes out, call an emergency burner service provider to fix the problem as soon as possible.


Provide Cozy Accommodations


The finishing touch for a winter storefront is a feeling of comfort. As a coffee shop owner, your goal is to provide a warm winter getaway for your customers. Play seasonal music, and turn on the electric fireplace if you have one. This is also a great time of year to offer free samples of cider or another hot beverage. If they like it, they’ll order more.


As long as you stay on top of maintenance, your coffee shop will be naturally busy in the winter. Schedule enough staff so that everyone can take breaks when needed, and enjoy talking to your favorite regulars while snow falls outside.