It’s not only a new year, but it’s also a new decade. Now’s the best time to get rid of bad habits and embrace new and productive methods. The principle doesn’t only apply to people, but also businesses. More and more companies have introduced family-friendly perks, such as extended maternity or paternity leave, family healthcare, or even remote work options. In this new decade, families need to be at the heart of business strategies. Indeed, growing your company begins by creating a work environment that encourages productivity, creativity, and overall a positive atmosphere in the office. In other words, offering after-school services for working parents can help families and employers alike. 

The practical side of things

What does it mean to offer after-school services? 

From a practical point of view, businesses should consider the addition of a child-friendly area in which the kids of working parents can relax safely before going home. Ideally, a trained assistant or child-minder should be on-site, not only to look after kids once the school is over but also to help with homework questions and other queries. Young children could also benefit from playground materials, similar to the playground equipment for school facilities, to keep them entertained, while older kids need a study class along with desks, chairs, and media equipped. 

Advantage 1: Work doesn’t divide families

Balancing parenting duties and work is tricky for everyone. Most parents find it impossible to juggle with their career and their family at the same time, which increases stress levels and divides families. It’s no news: Children need quality time with their parents, but long workdays affect their relationship. After-school services can help to reconcile work and family duties and bring everyone together. For parents, it also ensures they don’t have to worry about childcare services and finding a child-minder to cater to their young ones while they’re at the office. 

Advantage 2: Teens can find someone to confine to

Growing up with busy, working parents is tricky. For teens, it’s crucial to find someone they can trust with everyday problems and fears. Confining to your parents when you’re going through emotional changes of adolescence is difficult, to say the least. It’s no wonder more and more teens turn to social media for guidance. Unfortunately, the habit also increases the risk of eating disorders, as teens look up to photoshopped Instagram influencers for guidance. A trained assistant who provides after-school services can act as a counselor during this challenging period and offer guidance. 

Advantage 3: Better results for all

Finding a positive role model is all about sharing a common purpose. For kids who get to work in the same environment as their parents, they can develop their sense of responsibility and commitment to their school work. Indeed, there’s no better motivation to work hard than to see mom and dad work hard too. Additionally, for parents, after-school services can let them focus on the task at hand without worrying about where their kids are or if they need help with their homework. 

Companies that can’t offer remote working options may need to consider new alternatives to keep families together. Providing after-school perks for kids of working families can not only help employees to make the most of their productive time but also dramatically improve family life for all.