Hiring a criminal probably sounds like a terrible idea for most people, but it’s this stigma that seriously hinders a company’s growth and limits what they’re actually capable of. You see, hiring a criminal is really not much different than hiring a regular employee. The only difference is that regular employees don’t have a criminal record, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of performing nefarious deeds. In some cases, they might just be really bad people but they haven’t been caught yet.

Instead of being worried about hiring a criminal, there are actually some huge positives to hiring those that have been to jail in the past and have a murky background. In this article, we’re going to be explaining those positives and what other companies are missing out on.

Loyal employees that will stick with you

The stigma against ex-criminals is widespread. A lot of people simply refuse to hire anyone that’s ever been to jail and, as a result, it can be incredibly difficult for someone to find a job if they’ve served time. They may consider pardon services to help clear up their record in the future, but they still need to find a job soon so that they can continue living their life.

As such, helping someone in a difficult position like this can actually lead to them developing a sense of loyalty to you and your brand, especially if you treat them well and give them the second chance at life that they’ve been searching for. There are studies that show that educating these ex-offenders and giving them a renewed purpose in life can turn them into valuable employees that will stick with the company and go the extra mile as a way of returning the favor of giving them a chance.

The chance to help someone with a good deed

There are a lot of businesses in the world that don’t really care about maximizing efficiency. They just have a product that they want to offer to locals or the world and they enjoy doing it because it’s fulfilling. If you’re in a position where your job is more about having a purpose and receiving fulfillment, then doing something positive such as giving an ex-criminal a new chance at life can open up many wonderful possibilities in life.

Doing a good deed like this is fulfilling, and knowing that you’ve helped someone reintegrate into society can be a wonderful way to do more good with your business. It’s become incredibly common to discriminate employees for one reason or another, and having a criminal record is quickly becoming one of the top reasons why an employer refuses to hire someone even if they showcase skill, dedication and loyalty to the company.

We understand that hiring a criminal can be somewhat concerning or even scary, especially if they’ve committed heinous crimes in the past. However, it’s worth considering the benefits of training someone from the ground up and helping them reintegrate into society.