The qualities of a good piece of furniture go further than aesthetics.  It doesn’t just need to look beautiful and complement the living space it’s placed in.  It also needs to be as rugged as it is comfortable, especially if you have children who will put its construction to the test. 


Before you take a trip to the furniture store, consider the following for tips for buying furniture to withstand young kids.  By paying for the best quality furniture you can afford, looking for materials that hold up well, picking furniture that grows with kids, and reducing the amount of sharp corners furniture has, you childproof the home and select the items that can withstand excessive wear and tear.  You spend less money repairing and replacing items and more time using and enjoying them.


Pay for the Best Quality Furniture You Can Afford


Invest in quality from the very start.  Look for pieces with glowing reviews, and that come with warranties.  If you’re shopping in person, test the pieces out. Don’t be afraid to examine them from every angle, too.  Remember, you’re investing your money into the furniture, so you want it to last.


Look for Materials That Hold Up Well


Avoid particleboard because it’s too lightweight to withstand everyday wear and tear.  It won’t provide a sturdy foundation for holding items or children for very long. You’ll be discarding the furniture much sooner than you originally anticipated.  If you do not want to waste hundreds of dollars on poorly made furniture throughout your children’s lifetime, buy better quality items now.


Pick Furniture That Grows with Kids


Cribs that convert to beds and beds with removable railing are great ideas for children.  The pieces of furniture grow with the kids, which eliminates the need to replace the items quickly.  You’ll get much more use from the bed without spending more money to accommodate the child.


Reduce the Amount of Sharp Corners Furniture Has


Choose furniture that you don’t need to childproof.  Think round opposed to square. If you’re looking for a coffee table or dining room table, purchase a style that you don’t need to put corner protectors on.  It’s a way to save yourself time, money, and hospital visits.


Kids are tough on furniture.  That’s why it’s important to buy the highest quality, most durable pieces you can while shopping for a new sofa, loveseat, recliner or bed.  It needs to withstand a lot of abuse from your children and still look presentable enough to entertain guests.

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