Airbnb’s can get a steady stream of occupants and returning clients through consistently high ratings. There are a few key maintenance items that will help you keep at the top of your game and gain loyal customers that return and refer friends. These 5 routine maintenance checks will help you avoid low ratings and impress your clientele. So what are they?


Keep the floors, walls and surfaces spotless- One of the easiest ways to impress your clientele is to provide spotless surface areas. Clients are going to your property to relax and get away-providing a clean surface creates an immediate great first impression.

Everything Works

Maintain appliances in the property. It is important to routinely test the appliances including the microwave, oven, coffee pot, toaster, and washer/dryer unit to ensure that they are working properly. This can be routinely scheduled when the property is cleaned. This will ensure that these appliances are always working when a client arrives.


Check the smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Make sure that all smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms are working properly and have working batteries installed. Having a beeping smoke alarm wake a client in the middle of the night does not bode well for ratings.


When you have a pool or a hot tub on your property, it will be important to call hot tub maintenance experts to perform routine inspections. Hot tubs are an attractive addition to a rental property. Help maintain this attraction by making sure it is in proper working order when your clients arrive. Make sure to check proper chemical levels, that the controls are working and that all flooring and lighting around the hot tub is also inspected. Make sure that the area around your hot tub is maintained well. If someone chose to stay in your listing because of these amenities, but they don’t work then you’ll have to worry about climbing up from a low review and bad word of mouth.

Quality Bedding

Provide plenty of clean, starched sheets and towels. If your property provides sheets and towels to your clientele, make sure to offer the best possible sets that are impeccably clean, washed and starched. This will add an extra layer of care to the provisions and your clients will be sure to take note. Invest in great quality bedding and linens. Not only will they go through lots of wear, but guests feel pampered when they sleep and shower in a place that is nice. They will show their appreciation through higher ratings due to the special details you added.

Avoiding low ratings is completely possible. Take into consideration the accommodations you offer and the additional amenities you provide and make sure that they are in tip-top shape. Making sure that every amenity is properly functioning while adding some special details to the service you provide will create great reviews and returning customers.