Especially for solo business owners, working from home might seem the sensible choice. 

Business moms can juggle family life with work. There is no need to incur the expense of renting out business premises elsewhere. And by cutting out the daily commute, a better work-life balance can be attained.

Still, times change, and while working from a home office might have been the practical thing to do once upon a time, there are some definite signs that suggest it is time to move on.

Should you work from home then, here are the signs you need to look out for.

#1: There is too much work for you to do alone

Should you have found success with your business, you might be faced with one inevitability. More customers or clients! And with an increase in people using your business, your workload will have increased too. Now, while you could outsource some of your business tasks, you might find it more cost-effective to take on one or more employees. And if this is the case for you, then looking for properties to let might be the sensible next step, especially if you don’t want (or have the room for) other people working from your home.

#2: You are struggling to get taken seriously

Of course, as opposed to our last point, you might not be seeing success at all. While some home-based businesses can succeed, it is often the case that clients and customers alike take their business elsewhere, as they doubt the professionalism of those working from home. This is unfair, we know, and these new business tips might be of use if this point applies to you. Still, while the linked advice is useful for home-based workers, you might still consider the move to rented premises. You will then be able to meet clients in a professional setting. You will have a designated business address to put on your letterheads. And you will raise your profile to the community at large.

#3: Productivity is a problem

If you are struggling to work productively at home, then moving out might be the best answer. This way, you won’t be hassled by family members, neighbors, or friends popping round to see you. You won’t be distracted by your laundry, housework, or the comfort of your sofa. And you won’t be affected by any of those distractions that pertain to your particular situation. By working outside of your home, you should be able to get more work done, as there will be a greater boundary between your work and home life. You see, despite your attempts at a greater work-life balance, having a professional distance away from home is sometimes a positive thing. 


For all we know, working from home could be the best solution for you. Your business might be better suited to a home office too. Still, if you have related to any of the signs we have suggested, you might want to consider making a move to premises elsewhere. There will be rented properties or co-working spaces near you, so do a Google search and find somewhere that is better suited for you. You might have a greater chance of business success if you do.