One of the best lessons that you can provide for your child is the value of hard work. While having an allowance for chores can help put a little extra money in your teen’s pockets, it also can forge a reliance between child and parent. The child will rely on the parent in the future for money. It’s better to help your teenager find their first job, so they understand that they can earn their own money outside of the home. Here are a few tips to help.


Use Job Sites


To help your teenager find their first job, you should first introduce them to places where they can find job listings. The website for your local newspaper will likely have a classifieds section with plenty of job listings. Being part of Facebook groups specifically created for finding jobs in your area can be beneficial too. Let your teen know about these resources and help them navigate the listings. Staffing offices can also help introduce jobs to teenagers based on their resumes. Otherwise, you’re going to have to do all of the hard work yourself. On those sites, you should show them how to make an impressive profile that employers will like.


Resume Creation


Another important part of the hiring experience is making a resume. Not all teenagers will have a lot to list on their resume, so they’re going to need to be creative. You can help them look back on any activities or organizations that they have done or been part of in the past. Show them how to write about those experiences in a compelling way.


Ask Your Friends


Perhaps a friend of yours has a business that’s hiring. Personal connections can come in handy when looking for your teen’s first job. All they need is an introduction to start their careers. You can provide them with that introduction. However, you should make it known to them that their performance at that job is going to be on their shoulders–not your own.


Attend Job Fair


It isn’t uncommon for job fairs to be held in local schools or universities. A lot of those job fairs can be the perfect introduction for a teen’s first job. You should drive them to the job fair and help them prepare for it. They should have the necessary paperwork on hand. You can also coach them through some interview questions that they might face. With enough preparation, they’ll be able to impress those hiring at the job fair.


A teen’s first job is important. It teaches them responsibility and hard work. To help them land that job, you can introduce them to job leads. You can also coach them for interviews and edit their resume.