Childhood is full of great adventures. Some of them are the invention of the child, while others involve the entire family getting in on the fun. Losing one’s baby teeth has long been considered a rite of passage of sorts. It is also a frightening time in the life of a child, as losing a tooth is never anybody’s ides of a fun time. This is where the tooth fairy comes into the picture. It is a way to get your children to look forward to their adult teeth that are about to start to coming in. It is also a fun family tradition that you can really get creative with. Here are three fun ideas to help you do just that.Send A Letter From the Tooth Fairy

While the tooth fairy is too busy to visit every child around the world, she is able to send a letter. Kids love to get letters as much as grown ups do. It is a way of making them feel important and valued. You can have the letters ready to send as soon as tooth loss is imminent. Personalize each one so that every tooth that is lost provide a new theme for the letter. Your children will start to look forward to them with eager anticipation.

Put Money and a Toothbrush Under the Pillow

The tooth fairy has long put money under the pillow of children that have just lost a baby tooth. Who doesn’t love to get a bit of money? You can do this with a twist moving forward by also putting a new toothbrush into the mix. This speaks to the importance to taking care of the new teeth that are about to come in.

Create a Tooth Fairy Tooth Inspection Report Card

This is a fun tradition where children are continually reminded that they need to take care of their teeth. Provide incentives for getting high marks. Fill in the report card with each tooth loss and then go over it with your child to make sure everyone is on the same page. It also reminds parents and children alike of the importance of general dentistry practices.

These are three ideas that should help you to get your creative juices flowing. They are each fun and provide a time for reflection as well. Each of these ideas can quickly become a part of your family tradition that everyone is sure to remember for a lifetime. It could possibly result in your own children carrying on the tradition of the tooth fairy with your grandchildren in the distant future.

By Erica Buteau

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