Being a homeowner is a big responsibility. It’s not like renting. If something goes wrong with your home, it will be up to you to solve the problem. There are many different systems and components of a house that could develop problems over time. However, perhaps the most common system people have issues with is the plumbing. Plumbers can be extremely expensive to hire. Thankfully, there are some plumbing issues you can solve all on your own.

Banging Pipes

One very common plumbing problem is the sound of pipes banging. Often, this sounds like a pipe is being hammered. In other cases, it may sound like tapping. It can be very annoying if you have to hear this sound often. It may even keep you up at night sometimes. There are two possible causes to this issue. Mounting straps could be loose. Alternatively, your water pressure may be too high. Solve this problem by repairing loose straps or by installing a water pressure regulator.

Constantly Running Toilets

Another common plumbing problem occurs when a toilet continues running well after it was flushed. It may keep running and running seemingly without end. With a properly functioning toilet, the toilet stops flushing once the water rises to a certain level. If it doesn’t stop, this is likely a sign that your flush valve isn’t operating properly. Replacing the flush valve is one job you can do on your own without calling a plumber.


Another common problem many homeowners encounter is a clog. Clogs occur in both sinks and toilets. If you have a clog, you will experience a back flow of water in the sink or toilet when the water should have just gone down. Thankfully, most clogs can be fixed on your own without the assistance of a plumber. The tools you can use to fix a clog include a plunger, plumbing snake or an enzyme based clog cleaner you pour down the drain.


Another issue you may encounter is a tap in your sink or bath tub that won’t stop dripping. In fact, this dripping may a constant occurrence whether you run the water or not. Quite often, this dripping is caused by a washer inside the tap that has worn out. Find instructions online for how to install a new washer on your own.

Plumbing issues can certainly be annoying and frustrating. Plumbers can also be quite expensive to hire. Thankfully, there are many plumbing issues you can solve on your own. Look online for other examples of plumbing problems you can fix by yourself. However there are many problems that do require an expert’s knowledge. Try a quality plumbing firm, such as Kinsey Plumbing, for such instances.

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