Before autumn and winter arrives in your area, you should make sure that the family van is ready for the drop in temperature along with any snow or ice. Here are five ways to prepare your van for inclement weather conditions.

Test the Vehicle’s Fluids

Have the oil changed in your family van before the cold weather begins, or you can do this yourself at home. In addition, add antifreeze, brake fluid and windshield wiper fluid to the proper containers underneath the hood. If these fluids look thick or have a strange color, then you may need to have the fluids drained and replaced. This is a job for a mechanic who can complete the tasks correctly. While shopping for the vehicle’s fluids, look for new windshield wiper blades.

Inspect the Van’s Battery

Open the hood on a van to check its battery for damage that can include leaking acid or developing cracks. Look at the date on the battery to determine how old it is, and if it is past the expiration date or approaching the expiration date, then have it replaced right away. A mechanic can also use diagnostic equipment to test the battery’s power that will make the alternator and other equipment work properly. If your battery keeps dying in the cold weather it may be time to get it replaced. It’s a good idea to have a portable car battery generator in your trunk in case you have an emergency.

Check the Vehicle’s Tires

It is essential to check a van’s tires frequently when the temperature changes to ensure that the air pressure is correct. You can do this on your own with an air pressure gauge tester that costs only a few dollars, or alternatively, you can have a mechanic perform this task. Add air to the tires at a gas station, or you can buy a machine that you can use at home to add air to the tires. Many tire dealers will do a tire check for you and rotation every couple of months. If the tires are worn down, then there are local dealership who can help you to find the proper size of tires for your van.

Are the Windows of the Vehicle in Good Condition?

Test the windows on a vehicle to confirm that the items roll down and up correctly. Inspect the windshield and other windows for damage from flying road debris, and if the glass has any cracks or chips, then have the items replaced to avoid a problem over the winter.

Make Sure That the Van’s Heater Is Working Correctly

Verify that your family’s van is working correctly to keep you and the passengers warm. You must make sure that the heater warms the windshield and other windows enough to melt the ice and snow that builds up on the items while you are driving or in a parking lot.

Caring for the Van throughout the Winter

When there is a warm day during the winter, it is a great time to check your vehicle’s fluids again along with adding air to the tires or making other minor repairs.